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Business Women Giving Back

  • August 25, 2020
  • Lis Williams

Are you a successful business woman or entrepreneur, but feel like there’s more you’re here to do? Do... Continue Reading

Are you a successful business woman or entrepreneur, but feel like there’s more you’re here to do?

Do you look around at the state of the world and wonder how you can make a difference?

Are you ready to share your time, talent, and/or treasure but don’t want to do it alone?

You’re in the right place!

Times are challenging, no doubt.  And if you’re like me, you’re tired of feeling cooped up at home with limited interaction with friends and colleagues.

But I also see this as a time of great opportunity.  A time to clarify what really matters to us.  A time to imagine how we can come out of this mess better off both personally and collectively.  A time to begin putting in place the pieces that will allow us to soar once the world opens up again.  And it will!

So I decided to do something I’ve resisted for a long time.  Get more active on social media.  Because honestly I am not a fan of it.  It kind of makes me crazy. 

But social media can be used as a tool for good to connect and spread positive messages around the globe.  And now we have the opportunity to come together in a safe and intimate way through a Facebook Group.  So I’ve created…

“Business Women Giving Back”

Here you’ll find a non-partisan, inter-faith, divisive-free, safe space where you can relax, escape the madness, and be authentically who you are.

But we’re also a community of women who want to do more than just talk about the problems – we find and support solutions. Through posts, conversation, and live videos we’ll encourage you to follow your soul’s purpose and embrace your passion for change.

Women will lead us to the new future we imagine.  And now more than ever we need you stepping up and into the fullness of who you are and what you have to offer the world. It’s our time. Let’s do this sister!

Just follow this link to step into your next chapter as a powerful change-maker!

Be bold.  Be daring.  Be AWE-dacious!


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7 Pillars of Women’s Empowerment and Divine Feminine Rising

  • June 30, 2020
  • Lis Williams

Next week, I will travel to Florida for the purpose of taking over my 92-year old mom’s finances. ... Continue Reading

Next week, I will travel to Florida for the purpose of taking over my 92-year old mom’s finances.  Not because she really wants me to or that she’s not capable of continuing to handle them on her own.  But with the realities of Covid-19, it seems the prudent thing to do.

Sadly, while there I won’t be able to be with her face to face.  She lives in a retirement center that is under quarantine, with increased restrictions being implemented as cases in Florida are on the rise.  I’ll get all of her paperwork and then stay in a nearby hotel.

In truth, she could leave her home and stay at my sister’s house where would be able to be together taking precautions by wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.  But even with precautions there are no guarantees, and when she returns to her home she would be in quarantine for 14 days.

There are no easy answers anymore it seems.  We all have to make the best decisions we can with the information we’ve been given.

But, despite the uncertainty, I am hopeful that this time of upheaval and chaos, this collective dark night of the soul, is an opening to vast possibilities we may have only imagined.  One way of life may be over, but a new way of being and doing will be birthed from the turbulence.  And it’s up to us to make that happen.

Women’s voices are needed now more than ever!  Your voice!

The feminine naturally leads not from a place of competition, scarcity, and power over – but rather from a place of cooperation, abundance, and power with.  From a place of love and compassion.  But for centuries our voices have been suppressed and silenced.  No more.  The Divine Feminine is Rising and it’s time to speak our truth!   

As Barbara Marx Hubbard said, “For the first time in thousands of years, women now have the opportunity to give birth to their authentic feminine “Self”, and to actively participate in the workings of the evolutionary process.  The modern and postmodern rise of women into the role of evolutionary agents is an event of the highest significance.”

So how will you answer the call?  What will you do?  Where will you serve?

During the shutdown, I completed my research on Women’s Empowerment and the Divine Feminine.  If you’d like to learn more, here’s a link to a short PowerPoint presentation…

We’re all connected and the social issues that challenge us are inter-connected as well.  When we come together in community to learn, grow, and serve, we strengthen our commitment and increase our impact ensuring that we effect the change we want to see in the world.

It doesn’t matter which pillar you choose to focus on…environmental sustainability, health & well-being, education, economic empowerment, freedom from violence, equality…it all matters!  Choose a pillar and join with others to shift the paradigm from patriarchy and privilege to new systems that support the common good.

Regardless of our race, religion, age, or culture – we are all women.  We are sisters.  We are strong, courageous, and determined.  And together, as Fierce Warrior Goddesses of Light, we will change the world!

Be bold.  Be daring.  Be AWE-dacious!

Answering the Call

  • June 17, 2020
  • Lis Williams

Hmmm.  Where to begin? Let’s begin with Covid-19 and the pause that enveloped the globe.  For the first... Continue Reading

Hmmm.  Where to begin?

Let’s begin with Covid-19 and the pause that enveloped the globe.  For the first time ever, life was put on hold for everyone on the planet so we could protect ourselves, families and friends, and the most vulnerable among us.  We came together for the good of the whole because we saw ourselves at risk.

But while we were all focused on staying healthy, we continued to ignore the viruses that plague our world on an ongoing basis – the “isms”: racism, sexism, genderism, classism, ageism, etc…

What if we were to shut down our planet until we find a cure for the…

  • 3 million children who die of undernourishment each year
  • 12 million girls who are married before the age of 18
  • 40 million victims of human trafficking
  • 130 million girls who are not allowed to go to school
  • 150 million people who are homeless
  • 700 million people who live on less than $2/day
  • 800 million people who struggle with mental health

What if??

But in a world where divisiveness has become the norm, we seem unable to figure out how to shift the conversation to issues that really matter.  We don’t all agree that some things are utterly unacceptable, and that if we worked together we could make an impact.

And then, as the disease that left people “gasping for breath” begins to subside and the world starts opening up, we watch as George Floyd begs for his life with the words we’ll never forget, “I can’t breathe.”

We took to the streets with demonstrations, protests, and acts of violence in hope that the world would finally listen and insist on equality for all.

This past week, I had the opportunity to be part of an on-line conversation hosted by the SINE Network.  There were eight of us participating – four black women and four white.  It lasted 3 ½ hours.  Antoinette Rootsdawtah led us in a conversation that explored the obstacles to white allegiance which are white privilege, fragility, liberalism, and guilt.

We listened as our black sisters spoke of the racism, injustices, and inequalities they and their ancestors have endured for centuries.  And how challenging it can be to have honest conversations with white people who can’t see their own hidden biases.  They weren’t blaming, they were explaining that despite being educated and employed, changing the way they dress and do their hair, still they are not accepted as equals.  And at the end of the conversation, they asked for our support.   

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

– The Dalai Lama

When the Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman”, he didn’t mean that Western women are somehow superior.  What he meant is that using the qualities of the feminine and the resources of the western world, we collectively have the ability to shift the social systems of privilege to new systems that support the common good.  Paradigm shifts in every sector of society.

That’s where we are sisters.  It’s time!

From June 20th-27th, Unity Earth will be hosting World Unity Week (  AWE Partners is honored to join with many other partners, including The SINE Network, The Shift Network, Pachamama Alliance, Humanity’s Team, and the Source of Synergy Foundation, to foster a genuine movement toward global unity.

The theme for the week is “Answering the Call”.  I have been invited to host an open session where I’ll present my latest research entitled, “Peace Through Empowerment:  7 Pillars of the Divine Feminine Rising”.  I would love for you to join in the conversation and see how you might “Answer the Call” to be part of the solution at this pivotal time on our planet.

Be bold.  Be daring.  Be AWE-dacious!


P.S.  We’ll be live on our podcast, The Broader Edge, today at 5:00 p.m. ET.  You can find us in The Broader Edge Facebook group or on Enlightened World Network.  Today we’ll be talking about how we turn our desires into action to create the world we really want.  If you can’t be with us live be sure to check out my You Tube channel for all of the recordings.


We’re in This Together!

  • March 24, 2020
  • Lis Williams

em-pa-thy (n): the ability to understand and share the feelings of another In the past couple of years,... Continue Reading

em-pa-thy (n): the ability to understand and share the feelings of another

In the past couple of years, the term empathy has become more popular, particularly as it relates to individuals who are empaths – those who feel the feelings of others.

Empathy is different from sympathy which means having feelings of pity or sorrow for someone else’s misfortune.  Empathy means you get it!

What has become readily apparent to me is that what we are experiencing right now collectively on the planet is a huge uptick in empathy.  For the first time ever, we can actually understand and feel what our sisters and brothers are feeling all over the globe.  Can you sense the power in this??  

If anyone ever doubted that we are in this together – I hope they now realize the truth of our common humanity.  What impacts you, impacts me.  What hurts you, hurts me.  And what heals you, heals me, my family and friends, my community, country – all of us!

We are all facing perhaps the most challenging circumstances of our lives.  Fears and anxieties over health and finances are rising to the surface for us to deal with.  The same type of fears and anxieties that many people around the world deal with every single day of their lives.

For most of us, this will end – hopefully sooner rather than later.  But we know it WILL end.

For others, this won’t be.  When medicines and vaccines are available to ensure that coronavirus cannot harm us to this extent any longer, those experiencing poverty, lacking access to healthcare, or living amidst violence – will continue to experience fear and anxiety.

Will we care?  Will we remember that for a short moment in time we were connected with them?

Or will we go back to our normal, busy lives where we sleepwalk through the days as if we have no other choice?

Perhaps, like me, this uninvited and paradoxical gift has proven to you that there is a better way to live.  We can…

Slow down

Take a breath

Care for our Soul

Get off the treadmill

Create white space in our calendars

Spend quality time with our loved ones

Reach out to check in on someone in need

Stop shopping for things that fill our homes but not our hearts

And think about the impact this is having on not just ourselves, but on so many others whose situations are far more precarious than our own.

Have you been thinking about the changes you might like to make when things go back to normal?  Or how you don’t want to go back to “normal”?

Are you wondering what you can do to help co-create a better world?  Are you tired of feeling like you’re in this alone?

There’s no more time for wondering what you can do to stop the madness or sitting on the sidelines hoping things will get better.  The world is waiting for you to step up and into your AWE-thentic Power to make the impact you came here to make.  What are you waiting for?  It’s time! 

If you’re ready to begin living from a deeper, more connected space as part of a sisterhood I invite you to join us.  Together we’ll own our gifts and talents, determine how and where we’re meant to serve, and support solutions that have the potential to shift things on our planet in such a way that our children and grandchildren have a chance at a better future.

If you’re ready for a “new normal” in your life and in the world, join our Facebook Group called “Business Women Giving Back”.  Can’t wait to see you there!

Be bold.  Be daring.  Be AWE-dacious!



20/20 Vision

  • February 5, 2020
  • Lis Williams

Each spring I have the windows in my home cleaned.  It’s an event I look forward to because... Continue Reading

Each spring I have the windows in my home cleaned.  It’s an event I look forward to because through the winter so much dirt has built up it’s hard to see out.  After the cleaning my whole view is clearer, brighter and more colorful.  

I find the same thing happens when I take time to step back from the world.  Whether for a long while, such as the sabbatical I took last fall, or for just 20 minutes during my morning meditation.  The view is still the same, but there’s more clarity, color, and life!

The beginning of a new year, or in this case a new decade, is the perfect time to step back and re-evaluate your vision. 

What’s your grander vision for life on this planet?  What would you change if you could wave your magic wand and make it happen?  What do you want to share with the world?  Where are you meant to serve?

Here’s what I’m seeing…there’s a tsunami happening, but not in the form of a natural disaster.  We as a society have lost faith in religion, healthcare, corporations, government, even Hollywood.  The result is a paradigm shift occurring in every facet of life and it’s REALLY uncomfortable.

No longer can we wait for our leaders to do the right thing and make intelligent, compassionate decisions. It’s up to us now and each of us is a critical player.

If we want to change the world it’s got to happen from the inside – out and bottom – up.

What do I mean?  Let’s take a look at where the shifts are already occurring…

·        Religion: Houses of worship are empty and yet a rising consciousness is happening around the globe led by individuals who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. 

·        Healthcare: Tired of an approach to health that focuses on treating the symptoms rather than getting to the root cause of the illness and the mind/body link, informed consumers are turning to alternative and holistic medicine and practitioners. 

·        Business: The focus on shareholder value above all else is no longer accepted by progressive companies who recognize that long term sustainability requires management to consider   Profit + People + Planet = Triple Bottom Line.  And consumers want to purchase from and invest in social enterprises.

·        Patriarchy: The patriarchal model of “business as usual” is being overtaken by a more feminine approach that values equality over hierarchy, cooperation over control, and compassion over indifference. And women are finding their voice and speaking out against injustices that are inexcusable and have been allowed to continue for far too long.

·        Philanthropy/Social Impact:  The enormity of our social challenges means non-profit organizations cannot operate in silos.  They must partner with other organizations addressing the issues as well as government and business to have any chance of finding and implementing lasting solutions.

·        Government: Wish I could say there are changes afoot, but sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case with our politicians.  Not in the U.S. anyway.

Although it appears as if the world is in a state of absolute chaos, I don’t see it that way. What I see is an enormous amount of opportunity to co-create the better world we dream of. 

When everything is falling apart and crumbling at our feet, we can either curl up in a ball and hope it gets better soon.  Or we can figure out what gifts and talents we have to share and what issues and causes we’re meant to address.  Then find others who have the same calling and create partnerships and collaborations the lift everyone up.  AWE Partners was founded on this principle.

Yes, there are myriad problems around the globe that require attention.  But there’s also a tremendous amount of good work already happening.

Thankfully, the rise of the internet is making it easier to locate solutions and identify individuals, organizations, foundations, and others who are making the world a better place each and every day.  And they need and want our support.

So where do you fit into the equation?  That’s what we explore in my on-line course, Impact from the Inside Out. 

Here’s what some of the participants have said…

“I enjoyed sharing what I’ve discovered with the group and hearing what they’ve learned as well. The environment was fun, relaxed, and inspiring as we brainstormed ways to help each other in developing our individual goals and plans.”  

“I learned a lot with respect to being more strategic about my philanthropic endeavors.  I realized being generous wasn’t enough. I was being a little lazy about my research and now understand I was supporting programs and organizations that are already overfunded.  I learned how to evaluate programs so I could create more impact with my donations and talents.”

“During the course, I discovered an organization whose cause I connected with and I am now working with their Marketing Director using my expertise.  As I get to know their organization even better, I may consider serving on their Board of Directors.  Lis was an amazing resource to help me on this journey!”

We’ll be launching the course again this fall and we’re excited to continue the adventure with our new AWE-thentic Impact Circles in 2021.  Kind of like the popular “giving circles” you might have heard of – but on steroids.  Why? Because as heart-centered, mission-driven, badass women we can do so much more. 

Imagine linking your mission or that of your business with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)!  Does it get any better??

To stay fully engaged in the social impact space we need to align ourselves with causes and organizations that are right for us.  And we get to explore not only how to give, but how to shop and invest with purpose as well. 

There’s “Power in the Purse” and we hold the purse strings!

So if this new decade has inspired you to become part of the solution, I hope you’ll consider joining a circle of women ready to make their AWE-thentic Impact in the world together! We need your magnificence out there!

You can find out more here…

Be bold. Be daring. Be AWE-dacious!


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Is Anger an Effective Tool for Social Impact?

  • August 1, 2019
  • Lis Williams

😡Anger. Divisiveness. Name calling. Bullying.   It Seems Like Anger is Everywhere Today Sound familiar? It does if... Continue Reading

😡Anger. Divisiveness. Name calling. Bullying.


It Seems Like Anger is Everywhere Today

Sound familiar? It does if you ever turn on the news or follow social media (and who of us doesn’t?). It’s pretty much everywhere. Or so it seems.

And understandably so! There’s a lot to be angry about when almost weekly we learn of yet another abhorrent incident that would make even the most grounded folks feel enraged. It leaves us wondering:


What is wrong with people??

How can this be happening??

Why isn’t anyone doing anything to stop it??


Is Anger Working? Can It Drive Social Impact?

So if you feel yourself being drawn into the darkness (and you’re not alone!), I want to propose a better way forward. Ask yourself this question, “Is anger working for me?”

The even better question might be: Is anger working in our world?

What do I mean?

We often think of there being two types of emotions…the good and the bad. The good ones are things like love, peace, joy, happiness. We all know the “bad” ones: anger, rage, shame, guilt, resentment.

In truth, emotions aren’t good or bad. They just are – and we experience a full range of emotions if we’re alive and aware.

It’s not healthy to just express the “good” emotions while stuffing down the “bad” ones. This leads to mental and physical illness. But we’re not meant to get stuck in our emotions, either. We need to feel them, let them move through us, and release them.


Why Anger is Not an Effective Tool for Social Impact

I would submit that what we’re seeing today in our world is a lot of unhealthy and “stuck” emotions. Wounds that have never healed. Children who have never grown up. And, sadly, many of those in leadership positions are struggling with this.

So is jumping on their bandwagon really the best solution for us personally? Not for me!

Why not? Because in my experience, anger is not an effective tool for social impact. Or, frankly, for anything productive. Anger is just another form of fear. It gets in the way of finding solutions, of being light in the darkness.

And this energy of anger, of fear, of darkness explodes out into the world in rage, violence, and war.


social impact, anger, changemakers


Changemakers Know the Secret to Overcoming Anger

If we want to be effective as change-makers, philanthropists, humanitarians – as human beings – anger is not the answer. Why not? Because anger cannot be overcome by anger.

The secret to overcoming anger is by expressing the oppositelove, compassion, tolerance, and patience. 💜

It doesn’t help for us to be drawn into the darkness. It doesn’t help for us to be hating on people who believe differently than we do.

To be effective, we need to show up differently. And we can!


Let anger be the spark that leads to inspired action.

It’s not so much what you’re against – it’s what you’re for.

Let peace be the path you take to impact. If we create our reality – then let’s create the peaceful world we dream of.

This is why at AWE Partners, we recognize that the inner work is as important – and even more important – than the outer, if we want to make our AWE-thentic Impact. When we do the inner work of healing our anger, grief, trauma, and feelings of separation, we can then be open to the inner wisdom of the authentic self which lies at our core.

The result is more clarity, guidance, and authentic personal power. Now, we can confidently take action from a place of love, compassion, and balance, rather than coming out fighting.


Small Steps to BIG Impact

Want to learn more about our AWE-Inspiring approach for inner and outer transformation?  Join my upcoming Facebook Challenge…Grow Your Business – Grow Your Impact For More Passion, Purpose & Profit.

Register for FREE right here! Can’t attend the live sessions? No worries, we’ve gotcha covered! You’ll get access to listen to the replays at your convenience.

Know someone else who’s ready to make a difference in the world and leave their legacy? Please spread the word and share this link. I look forward to seeing you there!

Be Bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!

We Need You! Calling all Change-MakHers…

  • July 10, 2019
  • Lis Williams

Our World Needs ChangemakHers Like You! Uncle Sam used the phrase, “We Need You” when recruiting for the... Continue Reading

Our World Needs ChangemakHers Like You!

Uncle Sam used the phrase, “We Need You” when recruiting for the military, but I’d like to re-purpose this phrase at this critical time on the planet and invite you to focus not on fighting a war, but on creating peace as a “Change-MakHer”.

Changemaker is a term coined by the social entrepreneurship organization, Ashoka, meaning one who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen.

Yes, ma’am! That sounds like something we could use more of right about now, doesn’t it? And since you’re reading this, I know you’re either already a change-maker or you desire to become one. So, I want to do everything I can to support you on your journey.


A Rising Consciousness Around Social Change

There is a rising consciousness around social change with more and more women embracing their power to effect change through decisions in how they invest, shop, and give. (I think Rosie the Riveter would be proud of us for using our muscle for the betterment of society – don’t you?)

It’s now possible to choose a cause that is near and dear to your heart and support finding solutions by intentionally using your wealth for good. And it’s not just happening in our personal lives.

Socially conscious entrepreneurs and executives are using their business as a platform to amplify their impact by involving their team members and clients in the effort. They realize now that they can use their business as a vehicle for compassionate, loving service in the world.

Are you as excited about this as I am? I hope so!

Why I LOVE Social Enterprises – and You Should, Too!

I LOVE social enterprises and honestly believe that every business should strive to be one.  Don’t you think every business should care about not just profit but purpose as well?

Imagine the paradigm shift that would occur if this were our reality. Really think about this for just a minute. I believe we’re ready to begin making that shift and that women will play a critical role.


Are my recruiting tactics working?

Are you ready to join a powerful Movement Towards Meaning?

Be sure to join my Facebook Group called Business Women Giving Back if you haven’t already.  And be on the lookout for new programming in early 2021 including my 7 Pillars of Women’s Re-Powerment and AWE-thentic Impact Circles.

Let’s co-create the better world we know is possible!

Be Bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!

Avoid Burnout: Can a Helper’s High be Addicting?

  • May 15, 2019
  • Lis Williams

🎁 Giving is good for us!  It’s that simple. The research confirms it… Giving activates regions of the... Continue Reading

🎁 Giving is good for us! 

It’s that simple. The research confirms it…

  • Giving activates regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust, creating a “warm glow” effect.
  • We feel more grateful when we give, and gratitude leads to happiness.
  • Our health improves by reducing stress and strengthening our immune system.
  • Altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain – such as oxytocin – producing the positive feeling known as the “helper’s high.”


But can a helper’s high be addicting?

Yes! And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As long as we’re remembering the importance of self-care and taking steps to replenish ourselves, the risk of over-giving is low.

If, however, you find it difficult to know how much is too much, you might be at risk for burnout or “compassion fatigue” as it’s called in the industry. The reality is that burn-out is common among volunteers and professionals in the non-profit arena. Why?

Non-profit organizations have limited resources. Both financial and human capital are hard to come by and there just never seems to be enough of either. That’s why non-profits depend on a robust supply of volunteers to fill in the gaps.

If you volunteer, you might have experienced this. My clients tell me it can be challenging to feel like you’re already giving so much and then be asked for even more – whether time or money. You want to say yes, but you’re afraid if you do they’ll just keep asking.


So, who’s at risk of burn-out or compassion fatigue?

You are

That is, if you’re already feeling overwhelmed by having too much do. Adding more stuff, even if it’s good stuff, can lead us to stress and frustration.

You’re also at risk if you’re an empath. Empaths are people who are high on the empathic spectrum and actually feel what is happening in others in their own bodies.

As a result, empaths can have incredible compassion for people, but they often get exhausted from feeling “too much” – unless they develop strategies to safeguard their sensitivities and develop healthy boundaries.


How do you avoid compassion fatigue?

The best (and easiest) solution is prevention. Here are some suggestions to keep you in prime form for healthy giving…

  • Do a self-assessment before you give to be sure you’re in a good place financially and emotionally.
  • Choose a cause you’re passionate about, so the time and commitment are meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Share your natural gifts and talents, rather than agreeing to do something you don’t enjoy.
  • Be clear up-front about how much you’re willing to give.
  • Learn to say “no” and establish healthy boundaries.
  • Be sure the positives of giving outweigh any negatives.
  • Practice “compassionate detachment” – maintaining some distance between you and the cause or people served.
  • Recognize when you’re beginning to feel frustrated or burnt-out and take a much-needed break.


Giving in any form should be something that results in meaning
and fulfillment – even though it can be challenging at times.

Making giving a way of life doesn’t mean you need to give until it hurts. We need you healthy, happy, and whole in order to make your AWE-thentic Impact in the world.

The need will always be there. Will you?


Be Bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!


Overcome Overwhelm: 10 Questions to Find Out if you’re an Over-Giver

  • April 9, 2019
  • Lis Williams

  Despite the historically high level of divisiveness in our world today – there is one thing I... Continue Reading

overwhelm, overwhelmed


Despite the historically high level of divisiveness in our world today – there is one thing I think we can all agree on:

We’re overwhelmed!


🤦 Overwhelm is Everywhere!

When was the last time you asked someone how they were doing and they answered, “Fantastic!  I’m working less hours, taking more vacation time, have plenty of free time to do things that bring me joy, and spend an hour a day in silence to be sure I receive the guidance I need to follow my calling and make a difference in the world.”

Ok, I don’t really expect anyone to answer that way. But what if they did? Wouldn’t that stop you dead in your tracks? And wouldn’t you be jealous?

Who doesn’t want that kind of life? But to most of us, it seems absolutely impossible to create anymore.


Female Entrepreneurs & Execs are Overrun with Overwhelm

Many of my clients are female entrepreneurs or executives. In addition to managing their business or career, they typically have children and responsibilities at home that keep them running on a treadmill that never stops. There’s the shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, bills to pay, schedules to coordinate…and oh, so much more.

Add to this the stress of ever-present technology…a barrage of texts and e-mails, social media accounts, and the fear-inducing updates from the news outlets. It’s no wonder our minds never stop, we don’t sleep well, and our to-do list just keeps growing.


Giving Back…or Over-Giving? 

When a client tells me she wants to focus more on philanthropy or start giving back through her business, the first question we explore is whether or not now is the right time.

It’s not that I don’t want to encourage women to give. I just want to be sure they’re not “over-giving”. Because we women do have a tendency to do that – and it’s not healthy!

We give to everyone else first – to our families, friends, neighbors, schools, churches, communities, the world. And then we wonder why we’re exhausted, burnt out, angry, and resentful.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t make for good living or good giving. As challenging as it may be to sometimes say “no,” we must remind ourselves that we simply cannot give from empty cups.


10 questions to ask yourself to find out if you’re an over-giver…


Does this sound like you?

If so, you might be inadvertently contributing to the overwhelm in your life.


1. Do you sleep less than 7 hours a night?

2. Can you remember the last time you took a bath, read a book, or just sat in the silence?

3. Do you have a daily spiritual practice?

4. Do you exercise and eat well?

5. Do you disconnect from technology daily?

6. Are you the go-to person at home or at the office for planning events, birthdays, holiday celebrations?

7. Are you the person the school, church, non-profit, always asks to volunteer because they know you will?

8. Do you stay in toxic relationships or situations because you feel bad about removing yourself from them?

9. Do you have a hard time saying no when asked to do something – even (and especially) if you really don’t want to?

10. Are you having any fun? (Be honest here!)


For women who really want to intentionally give…

If a woman is already an over-giver but really wants to become more intentional and strategic with her giving, my question to her is what might she eliminate from her plate?  What does she need to learn to say no to?

What busy work is getting in the way of her life’s work??!!

Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty. Are all the responsibilities really ours to bear? Are the things on our to-do list moving us toward our higher purpose? Are we following our life’s path – or have we taken a detour based on what everyone else wants or expects of us?

This desire she has – to become a philanthropist or humanitarian – to create a giving program for her company and include her team and clients in the effort…This is more than just another thing to add to the always growing to-do list. This is an opening – a doorway – that leads to her destiny if she’ll allow it.


She senses a calling from deep within…

She imagines a life that is more relaxed, joyful, meaningful. She wonders what it would be like to have the courage to live differently, counter-culturally even.

If you can relate, then I’m here to tell you there IS something more for you. A way of living that is more fulfilling and purposeful than perhaps you’ve ever permitted yourself to imagine. A way of living that allows you to get off the merry-go-round, write your own story, and make all your dreams come true.

I invite you to explore just what this might look like for you. Need help? I’m here for you…


Be Bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!


Give & Grow: Your Business CAN Make a Social Impact

  • March 6, 2019
  • Lis Williams

7 in 10 Americans think companies have the obligation to take actions to improve issues that may not... Continue Reading

7 in 10 Americans think companies have the obligation to take actions to improve issues that may not be directly relevant or related to their everyday business. They are expected to help solve social problems. That’s according to a 2017 study by Cone Communications.

Can Your Business Make a Social Impact? You Bet!

As a business owner or executive, here’s the awesome news you’re in an ideal position to make a social impact! How? For starters, the skills and passion you and your team possess which enable you to make your business successful are often the same ones required to solve our most challenging social issues.  

The best part is that you don’t have to wait until you’re well established or profitable to incorporate social impact into your business mission. Start now and watch your business grow as a result! 

Heart-centered, mission-driven business leaders naturally infuse their companies with purpose. In fact, it’s at the core of everything they do. It flows from the company’s vision and mission and manifests itself in their culture, the way they treat employees, the customer experience, their interactions with suppliers, and the stand they take on societal issues 


Purpose Isn’t a Marketing Ploy – It’s Your Brand’s Essence

Let me be clear – purpose is not a marketing ploy – and it goes beyond just incorporating it into your mission statementIt is infused into your brand’s very essence.

When done right, it becomes a core component of your business model and a key competitive advantage. Purpose allows you to grow your business and positively impact the world – all at the same time. Talk about a win-win! 


Ready to Make a Social Impact? Here’s How to Start:

1) Be Intentional and Strategic: 

Employees and customers want to know your efforts are authentic and not just window dressing. Take time to plan out why, where and how you want to share your resources, and commit to providing support for the long-term. Being consistently engaged with a cause will increase the likelihood of making a meaningful impact.


2) Choose Your Cause Wisely:

If you’re a solopreneur or have just a couple of employees, the easiest way to choose a cause is to go with what you are passionate about. Even better, you can select a cause based on the interests of your team members. Ask them what they care about and choose an issue that resonates with many of them.

You can also choose an issue you believe would be important to your customer base. Don’t know what that social issue is? Find out – doing so can help you understand your customers on a deeper, more meaningful level. Finally, you can select a cause that aligns with the business you’re in. For example, if you own a technology company, you might support initiatives to get more kids involved in STEM through after-school programs. Really, the possibilities are endless…


3) Identify the Organization:

Once you decide what cause or issue you want to support through your business, you’ll then go through the process of identifying the best organization(s) to align yourself with. Selecting a local organization makes it easier to engage your employees in the effort, but you can always lend support at the national and international level as well through donations.

Your due diligence is critical here because you want to be sure to align your business with a reputable organization doing high quality work. After all, these are the standards you hold yourself and your team to – and they should be the same for your social impact.


4) Promote with Purpose:

This is the step that sometimes holds leaders back – telling their story. They’re afraid that if they share their “why,” people will think it’s self-promotion. But that’s not it at all. In fact, people want to hear it.

Yes indeed, they want to get to know who you are and what matters to you. They want to know you’re authentic, compassionate, and have passions that go beyond the boundaries of your business. They want to do business with a person they can relate to – not a cold, sterile company. And they want to purchase products and services where their money is making a difference.

Your team members want to know this as well. It helps them feel connected and involved with the cause you support and fosters a sense of pride and fulfillment in their work. It also increases your success in attracting, engaging, and retaining talent.


Share Your Story to Broaden Your Impact

Finally, you want to share the story of the cause you support and the organizations addressing it effectively because this multiplies your impact. This is not about you 

This is about the cause that is near and dear to your heart. 

A cause that is causing pain to people or the planet and a cause that needs attention. And you have the platform to do something about it 

Think about this for a second: if you never gave a dime or volunteered your time – you can still have a significant impact just by using your voice to spotlight the issue(s) you care about 

So there’s no reason to feel shame when you shine a light on a social issue and the efforts being taken to solve it. Instead, feel a sense of satisfaction and pride in knowing you cared enough to do something about it. 

Be Bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!