A mother’s grief. Is there any more powerful emotion on the planet? I can think of only one.

A mother’s love.

We haven’t all birthed or mothered children. But we all are born of a mother.

And most of us have felt the deep love and nurturing that our mother provided. We know how she cared for us and worried about us and wanted only our safety and happiness.

We’ve known mothers who have lost children and we’ve seen how the pain never goes away. The hole in their heart cannot possibly be filled. A missing piece that can never be replaced.

Perhaps you’ve seen the heart-wrenching video on social media of a woman whose son was killed at the musical festival in Israel. When she learned that her son’s name had been painted on a missile to be used in the war she couldn’t imagine another mother suffering as she has. Instead, she is choosing love over revenge.

No mother should have to send her child to war – hoping and praying they return unharmed. For no one can go to war and, even if they do return, be untouched by what they experienced. They are forever haunted by the images. Forever changed, hardened even, by these crimes against humanity.

The past few months have crystalized the urgent need for women to come together and raise our individual and collective voice to end the perpetual pattern of war and violence which has caused so much pain and suffering over many centuries. Women are one half of humanity and yet our voices are not heard sufficiently to end this insanity.

Must we remain enslaved to this devastating pattern? No!

In this challenging, yet auspicious, time many are asking, “Where are the women?” They’re right here!

We invite you to join us for an important panel discussion entitled Women in Service to Love and Life.

You’ll meet 11 women who are whole-heartedly engaged in sacred activism so Love and Life triumph over fear, hatred, and despair.

This inspiring, hopeful, and profound conversation includes mothers and grandmothers, authors and musicians, peace activists, Indigenous wisdom keepers, and spiritual teachers. All share the Sacred Mission of ushering in the Divine Feminine and raising the consciousness of humanity to midwife a New Earth based in Peace, Love and Harmony.

Join us Wednesday, December 13th at 3:00 PM ET/8:00 PM GMT/6:00 AM AEDT live on Unity.Earth/TV for this free event.

No need to register – just click this link to join…Unity.Earth/TV

It’s time for the Voice of Women to be heard and heeded!

Be bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!