The Gutsy Guide to Giving

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“When I stepped out of the work world to raise my children, I didn’t realize that when it was time to step back in fear and self-doubt would try to keep me playing small.  In The Gutsy Guide, I share the challenges, revelations, and awakenings I discovered on my journey to AWE-thentic Impact.  I hope in reading it you’ll see something of your own life wrapped up in it.  After all, our stories are different but our journey is the same.” 

-Elisabeth A. Williams

Just Be

You are a human being.

So how much being are you doing?

If all you are doing is doing.

Then your doing is not as it should be.

Your doing is running.

Your doing is hiding.

Your doing is proving.

Your doing is striving.

Your doing is achieving.

Your doing is fighting.

Your doing is not you.

You are you.

Just be.

Be still,

Be quiet,

Be empty,

Be open,

Be you,

Be whole,

Be fearless,

Be free,

Just be.

(Excerpt from The Gutsy Guide to Giving by Elisabeth A. Williams)

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