Make Your AWE-thentic Impact!

Impact from the Inside Out:

Teaching Women The AWE-thentic Approach To Social Impact

When Our Social Problems Seem Bigger Than The Solutions...
With So Many Worthy Causes And So Much Need In Our World...
Is It Even Possible To Make A Real Difference...
A Meaningful Impact?

Let Me show you how.

Impact From The Inside Out is a first-of-its-kind online training program that teaches an intentional and strategic approach to women who want to effectively share their gifts, talents, and resources to co-create the better world they dream of.

This self-paced course features 5 easy-to-follow modules:

Module 1: Radical Soul-Care

Discover how you can find time to be still, so you can hear what your life is calling you to. If you want to be effective in the outer world – you have to start by calming your inner world just enough to listen.

Module 2: Be the Change

Explore how to design your life so you can be at your best as much as possible. It’s time to own your magnificence and the unique gifts and talents you are here to share.

Module 3: Inspired Action

Learn about the social impact space and how to navigate it effectively. You'll become familiar with terms like the Overhead Myth, Impact Measurement, and Strategic Philanthropy.

Module 4: Design Your Impact

Create your Personal Portfolio of Giving by narrowing in on the causes you want to support, the organizations to align yourself with, and how to do so most effectively.

Module 5: Profit + Purpose

Align your life’s work with your daily work for more passion, purpose, and profit. And, gain valuable insight and strategies on how to include your team members and clients in the effort.

Next...BE AWE-dacious!

Get excited! Why? Because you're going on a journey from: Overwhelm to Impact. Confusion to Clarity. Uncertainly to Unstoppable. Inaction to Infinite Possibilities.

The AWE-Thentic Approach to Social Impact Will Transform Your Life in Ways You Never Thought Possible and Lead You to More Meaning and Fulfillment...

The world needs YOUR unique gifts and talents. I would love to guide you on your journey to AWE-thentic Impact.

All about the course

What Is Impact From The Inside Out?

Created With You In Mind...

A 5-Module, video-based training program that teaches an intentional and strategic approach to women who want to effectively share their gifts, talents, and resources to co-create the better world they dream of.

Whether you already give of your time, talent, or treasure or if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to lead the way, Impact From the Inside Out will help you design your impact saving you time, money, and your sanity.

Designed for Every Woman…

This course is designed for ALL women who want to effect change not only in their own lives but in the world.

Anyone can benefit from this knowledge – regardless of income level, occupation, or geographic location.

If you want to learn how to use your gifts, talents, knowledge, skills, and resources to make a difference in the world this course is for you.

A First of Its Kind Course

Who Should Enroll in Impact from the Inside Out?

Our ideal participants fall into one of these categories:


Female business owners who want to give back...and get their team and colleagues involved, too!


Smart, compassionate women who want to see their philanthropic efforts create a greater, lasting change in the world.

Change Makers

Change agents looking for savvy strategies and innovative tools to help you lead more effectively in your community and in our world.

More about the course

How Does It Work?

A Self-Paced, Online Course

Impact trainings are organized into 5 modules and consist of a total of 21 short (less than 10 minutes each), easy-to-follow steps presented in video format. However, the course is self-paced, so you can complete it in 21 days or 21 months – it’s up to you!

Additionally, each step has an optional deepening practice if you want to dive deeper into the topic to expand your knowledge, awareness, and impact. All of the training is on-line, contained in the private AWE-thentic Impact member only site.

The Course also includes live Q&A sessions where Lis answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that participants are staying on track to reach their impact goals and receive the greatest return on their investment.

And it gets even don’t have to go in order and you don’t have to complete all 21 steps to reap the benefits of this course. Each step is empowering on its own. So you can choose those that are most enticing to you at any moment. Jump around if you like. Choose what resonates at this chapter of your life. The concepts are timeless!

Plus, you have access to the course for as long as the program exists.

The AWE Difference

Why This Course is Different...

Aren't there other courses like this? What's different?

You’re right – there are many courses out there promising transformation of some sort. But how many can offer both inner and outer transformation? This one does! That’s why it’s called Impact from the Inside Out.

If you want to make a difference in the world, it all starts with you!

And know that when you make this investment in yourself and in the world – you also support women’s empowerment initiatives, as AWE Partners donates 10% of revenue to our favorite non-profit organizations lifting up women and children around the globe.

Create your Personal Portfolio of Giving using the intentional and strategic approach we teach.

Become the change-maker you’ve always dreamed of being by aligning your values with how you invest, shop, and give.

Give to grow your business for more passion, purpose and profit!

The social problems our world is facing can seem insurmountable and overwhelming. It's easy to get angry or wonder what you can do to effect change.

Let that spark you to take inspired action!

Invest In Your Future

What's My Investment?

The Opportunity of a Lifetime Awaits...

Our mission at AWE Partners is to educate and guide as many women as possible to own their magnificence and share their light in the world by making their AWE-thentic Impact. We need you out there!

You can receive all the benefits of our on-line course for $333.00!

Cause Calendar

If you’re confused by all the causes being celebrated from month to month you’re not alone. There are SO many important issues and so many opportunities to make a difference. It can be overwhelming. To make things easier I’ve created an abbreviated Cause Calendar that lists some of the more popular causes women support. This way you can plan your giving and your workplace promotions.

Resource Guide

I share all my hacks for creating the inner and outer transformation so you can immediately begin co-creating the better world you dream of.
You’ll see my favorite:

You can’t get this anywhere else!

Kindereach Family Outreach Program

If you think giving is important you likely want to teach your children the gift of giving as well. To make this easier for you I’m sharing the family outreach program I created when my children were young. It outlines age appropriate service opportunities around a variety of important themes your kids will love.


Effective Altruism

“Lis connects how stepping into our own authentic personal power is directly related to transforming the world. However, she goes much further into how to give of our time, talent, and treasure. She sheds light on the many nuanced considerations of effective altruism and empowers women with specific tools to evaluate the best ways to give back.”
Lauri McKean
Creator of The Yin Powered Entrepreneur

Clearer Picture of Great Impact

"Impact from the Inside Out helped me to be more discerning about where I choose to share my time, talents and monetary donations with non-profit organizations. I have a much clearer picture now of where to focus to make the greatest impact. During the course, I discovered an organization where I felt a connection to their cause and I am now working with their Marketing Director using my expertise. As I get to know the organization better, I will foster a deeper connection and may consider serving on their board of directors. Lis was an amazing resource to guide me on this journey and it feels great to better understand the social impact space. Thanks, Lis!"
Tammy Martin
Founder, Martin Marketing

Ignited My Imagination

“Participating in the AWE-sum Mini-course + Mastermind helped me move forward in my thinking about impact giving as a mindset. What I learned is that my own unique interests, gifts, and talents can anchor my decisions. There are so many good causes, and my heartstrings can leave me feeling scattered about what should be a “yes” and when it is perfectly acceptable to say “no”. My “yes” feels authentic when it is aligned with my own core. Working with Lis ignited my imagination and helped me identify some touchstones so I can make an impact with all my gifts.” ​
Mary Dorsey
Theologian and Philanthropist

Renewed Sense of Possibility

"Working with Lis has truly been a gift. She has empowered me to feel capable of advocating for women and children, something that’s been important to me since I was a little girl. Her encouragement and strategic guidance has given me the courage to not only make real, tangible philanthropic initiatives, but the peace that while these issues that pain us are real, and can feel scary, there is SO MUCH good happening in the world and this is the constant reminder that I get from Awe Partners. Every conversation leaves me with a renewed sense of possibility and excitement for the global changes I have the power to be involved in."
Maegan Watson
Founder, Watson Style Group

Aligned Business Values

"I have had an interest for a long time to contribute to a cause that aligned with my values and my business, but taking the step of getting organized and creating a plan seemed so overwhelming. I had multiple obstacles in my way of completing this task — not enough time to perform the research, not knowing where to start and not knowing how to effectively evaluate organizations to determine who was credible. Lis took the time to get to know me and my passions. I could not have done it without her. Now I feel confident in my giving and have the peace of mind that my contributions are making a difference."
Kari Sharp
Founder, Get Sharp, Inc.

Fun, Relaxed and Inspiring

"I very much enjoyed my time in the Impact from the Inside Out course. I love that Lis starts out with reminders and tips for self-care, something women often put on the back burner. The layout and the progression made the class easy to follow. The information provided was well researched and presented in a way that was understandable and easy to digest for those of us who do not work in the financial or social impact industries. The modules and steps were informative and user friendly with thought provoking deep dives at the end of each step. I really enjoyed sharing my responses with the group and hearing about their insights as well. The environment was fun, relaxed and inspiring as we brainstormed to help each other in developing our individual goals and plans. I learned a lot with respect to being more strategic about my philanthropic endeavors. I realized being generous wasn't enough. I was being a little lazy about my research and now understand I was supporting programs and organizations that are already overfunded. I learned how to evaluate programs so I can create more impact with my donations and talents. I also appreciated the information pertaining to interviewing financial planners. I now believe I can more appropriately assess the planners’ philanthropy advisory experience. Thank you Lis for creating this program!"
Paula DeBenedetto
Founder, Loss and Found

About Your Instructor

Who Teaches the Course?

Meet Lis...

Impact from the Inside Out is led by Elisabeth Williams, the Founder and CEO of AWE Partners, a boutique advisory firm that educates women on how to give, invest, and shop for impact from a place of authenticity. The firm works closely with female entrepreneurs who desire to bake mission into their life and business for more passion, purpose, and profit!

Lis is passionate about educating women on allocating their philanthropic dollars and investments for maximum impact. Additionally, she encourages them to discover meaning through sharing their gifts and talents in service to the world, a practice she calls “AWE-thentic Impact.”

Lis holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She is the author of The Gutsy Guide to Giving: Your Journey to AWE-thentic Impact.

What would it mean for you to play your part in creating a better world?

To make a difference, leave a legacy, make your AWE-thentic Impact?

Ready to find out? Let’s transform the world together!

Lis Williams, AWE Partners