“That which is done for us and not with us is done to us.”
– African Proverb

AWE = Authentic Women Empowered


What if you could create a New World?  Where all the challenges and issues that plague us were not only addressed but resolved.  Where Soul-utions were discovered and supported.

Where all of humanity lived in peace and harmony with each other and all of life. Where Heaven and Earth meet. 

Sound too good to be true?  Maybe.  But what if??

We are living through perhaps the most challenging circumstances any of us have experienced.  And yet, something bigger is happening.  You feel that, don’t you?

Amidst the uncertainty, division, and chaos, there is a deeper undercurrent of anticipation, optimism, and radical hope.  But where is it coming from?

Individuals from a variety of places, cultures, and wisdom traditions, are all pointing to a Rising Consciousness on the planet.  An ascension of sorts that is raising our vibration individually and collectively.  

A transformation that has the potential to shift EVERYTHING for good.  

As old, worn out paradigms are crumbling, new – heretofore only dreamed of – realities are emerging.  Realities we are co-creating with our thoughts, words, actions, and interactions. 

WE are the New Humans and WE have been given the opportunity to step into the role of Creatrix of our New Future.

Now is the time when your unique gifts and talents, knowledge and skills, wisdom and compassion are needed more than ever.  But we’re no longer meant to go it alone. 

The New Future invites us to collaborate, work collectively, form partnerships.  To leave behind the division and competition – and come together to identify and support Soul-utions that address the root causes of our social challenges.

Welcome to Evolutionary Impact Circles!  A community of visionaries, change-makers, innovators, activists, humanitarians, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs.  We’re scientists and healers.  Teachers and students.  Parents and community members.

Different in so many ways – yet with one common purpose.  To co-create a better path forward.  For ourselves, our children and grandchildren, our communities, our world.

We know we have to.  There’s no more time to sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to take the lead.  

“I’m not afraid.  I was born for this.”  – Joan of Arc

As women, we are being called to step up and into our leadership potential – and to lift up women and girls around the globe.  For although we are half the world’s population, we are still undervalued and overlooked.  

Evolutionary Impact Circles address this head on by focusing on the…

7 Pillars of Women’s Re-Powerment:

Re-Connecting to Mother Earth

Health & Well-Being 


Economic Empowerment

Freedom from Violence

Equality & Leadership

Re-Storing the Sacred 


“Repower = to provide again or anew with power; 

to rebuild the power source”


How does it work?

**Connection to Source – It all begins by awakening to your most magnificent self and intentionally raising your vibration.  As you step into your evolutionary capacities and connect with the “Field of Infinite Possibilities” you open to guidance from higher realms. 


**Divine Feminine Energy – The Divine Feminine is Rising and she will no longer be silenced.  She is Love and Compassion, Wisdom and Caring, Truth and Mercy.  She is Intuition, Imagination, and Creativity.  She is Fierce, Powerful, and Courageous. And She is guiding us to Re-Balance and Re-Unify the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies on the planet in support of a new way forward.


**Community of Changemakers – “Join Genius” around a common mission (choose your pillar) sharing your creativity, knowledge, and resources for a higher purpose and greater good. We now have the evolutionary opportunity for unprecedented wholeness that impacts all of humanity. Social impact work can be rewarding and exhilarating.  Or it can be exhausting and frustrating.  What makes the difference?  Whether you do it alone or in community with other heart-centered, passion-driven, badass women. A grassroots, synergistic, UP-Rising for Good!


**AWE-thentic Impact – To effect real and lasting change at scale we need more than a big heart and good intentions. We need Inspired Action. We go deep.  Deep into our soul, deep into the consciousness of the root causes of our social challenges, and deep into the Soul-utions that will finally lead to a better world for all.

We ask…

What is the darkness?

Where is the light? 

How do we amplify it?

Then we do it!


“From Pro-Creation to Co-Creation for women who want to play a role in helping to birth/midwife a new collective reality that is life-affirming, life-sustaining, life-enhancing.” – Barbara Marx Hubbard


This is a clarion call to those who want to step up, be seen, be heard, to join creatively with the Feminine on this planet and bring true collaboration for the Soul-utions of our time.

What if instead of talking about conspiracy theories, people started talking about the initiatives they’re involved with and the impact they’re having in the world?  Possibilities they never imagined becoming real!

What’s your Soul’s Purpose?  Your Destiny?  What changes do you really want to see in your lifetime? What legacy do you want to leave?  

If you’re feeling called, we would love for you to join us. It’s not only possible to co-create a New Earth – it’s imminent.

There is a place where hope lives.  It’s in your heart and in the heart of every other human being who knows this is our time. Let’s do this together!


These are our sisters. These are our daughters.

We must do better. We can do better.

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