Are you ready to hear some good news for a change?

Hoping that someone will find solutions to our global challenges?

Think we need more women leading the way forward?

Your wait is over! Welcome to:

Creatrix Convergence 2022

Re-Power Yourself, Your Sisters, Your World!

Live Global Conference from July 11-15, 2022


In this 5-day online global event we are spotlighting 30+ female environmentalists, healers, educators, business owners, activists, humanitarians, social entrepreneurs, indigenous elders, spiritual leaders, and evolutionaries.

Each will be sharing a Soul-ution or philosophy they are exploring or bringing forth to radically transform the lives of women and children and compassionately heal humanity and our planet!

The pandemic and associated shutdowns have had a disproportionate effect on women. And the war in Ukraine has likewise impacted women and children profoundly. As a result of these tragedies, along with many other global challenges, we are being called to step up and into our leadership potential to lift up women and girls around the globe.

For although we are half the world’s population, we are still undervalued and overlooked. But not for long!

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.”

– Chinese Proverb

Despite the personal and collective challenges of the past two years, it’s heartening and empowering to see so many coming together with a common focus on co-creating a new way forward. One way of life may be over, but a new way of being and doing will be birthed from the turbulence. And it’s up to us to make that happen!!

We see this as an incredible opportunity to bring together women from around the globe who share the common mission of lifting up women, girls, and our Mother Earth at this pivotal time on the planet. The feminine voice as well as her compassion, conviction, and power are needed now more than ever. We hope you will join us!

Here is a just a sampling of the speaker topics we’ll explore during Creatrix Convergence 2022:

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Becoming a New Human

Anne Baring: The Old Story or The New Story – Which is it?

Jean Houson and Anneloes Smitsman: Future Human for a Thrivable World

Jyoti Ma: Mother Earth is Calling Us

Dr. Shamini Jain: Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health

Anna Vanickova & Petra van der Linden-Brussen: Mary Magdalene’s Great Passage

Gail Straub: IMAGINE Initiative – The Missing Piece in the Empowerment Equation

Lisa Garr: Making Your Message Your Mission

Deborah Anderson: Women Of The White Buffalo Documentary

Devin Hibbard: Confidence + Cash: How Women Will Change the World

And much more.  You definitely don’t want to miss this!

The event begins July 11th, 2022. I can’t wait to see you there! Until then…

Be bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-DACIOUS!