Have you wondered if there is a more effective way to engage, empower, and inspire people for the changes that are necessary to shift our world from collapse to thriving?

As a member of the EARTHwise Alliance for building a new and planetary civilization, I’m delighted to share with you a gameful way for doing so. This open-world immersive action game is currently in development and designed to empower youth and young adults to become game-changers for our world in transformation.

The game is based on the EARTHwise Constitution and designed to blend cutting-edge technologies, ethical AI-integrations, and consciousness enhancing narratives and actions for personal and collective transformation.

Furthermore, it will offer a unique gaming experience that merges virtual and real-life quests and challenges by crafting an immersive world experience that seamlessly combines adventure, creativity, imagination, and collaboration. Also, it is built through blockchain web3-based technologies so that part of the game revenues can be allocated to gamers in support of their proposed solutions for addressing the greatest challenges of our time.

If you’d like to learn more you can watch this video and join the free webinars that EARTHwise Centre is hosting to raise awareness by visiting: https://www.earthwisecentre.org/game-pledges.

To support the development for the first game prototype, visit: https://www.earthwisecentre.org/game-campaign.

Be bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!