Last weekend I experienced something I never expected or desired to. I was a spectator at the Chicago Marathon. It’s not that I have anything against marathoners. It was just never an interest of mine.

My son, Ty, is an athlete who after playing elite soccer in high school chose to pursue running as a new passion. As someone who gives his all to anything he attempts, it’s not surprising he would end up running a marathon. But this email is not about Ty or me.

It’s about the magical experience that happens on race day and how that might inspire us in these challenging times.

Let’s begin with the 50,000 individuals who chose to run. I’m not talking about 50,000 athletes, although there were certainly quite a few present that day. I’m talking about the majority of runners who are regular people and for whom this goes far beyond just a physical challenge. It’s the ultimate mental challenge. They have decided to step outside their comfort zone, push their limits, and find out if they have the strength in mind, body, and spirit to run 26 miles in less than 6 hours. Can they tap into their super-human abilities that lie dormant and discover the truth of what they’re made of?

Well amazingly, the vast majority of them did!

But that’s just the beginning. While my son and his friend ran the marathon, I joined the 1.5 million spectators. But the term spectator is really a misnomer. It would be much better to call them fans, supporters or cheerleaders. Because these 1.5 million people weren’t lined up along the streets of Chicago for 26 miles just to watch. They were shouting words of encouragement, ringing cow bells, playing musical instruments, and cheering wildly for every runner on the course. Sure, many of them were there to see family and friends who were running – but in neighborhoods across the city people who didn’t know a single runner came out in droves to lend their support. Support which is absolutely critical to the likelihood of a runner’s success.

So why on earth would I share this story following a week when the world has been shocked yet again by the utter evil and depravity that is rising on our planet and causing immense pain and suffering?

Because what I saw last Sunday in Chicago was the Light that is the truth of our being.

It was the Light that gave runners the courage and stamina to face immense challenge and arrive victorious at the finish line.

It was the Light that encouraged 1.5 million people to put aside other tasks and responsibilities to come out and support family, friends, and strangers to rise above all perceived physical and mental limitations that keep us playing small.

It was the Light that deemed this event as a fundraiser for multiple non-profit organizations who received a wealth of donations raised by each of the participants.

It’s that Light that we need now more than ever and which seems so distant.

But what if we could IMAGINE a new way forward together!

What if for every 50,000 of our sisters and brothers who are trapped in war and violence in the Middle East – 1.5 million or more “Lightworkers” were donating resources, sending healing energy, and meditating for Peace on Earth.

What if for every 50,000 of our sisters and brothers who are battling pain and suffering in Ukraine and Russia – 1.5 million or more “Wayshowers” were volunteering our time, praying, and intending for a Rise in Consciousness.

What if for every 50,000 of our sisters and brothers who are caring for the sick and dying; teaching our children; promoting equality for all; fighting to end human trafficking; preserving our precious Mother Gaia – what if for every 50,000 there were 1.5 million or more “Starseeds” providing support and encouragement and cheering wildly for the opportunity to Co-Create a New Earth.

And what if there are infinite numbers of our ancestors, angels, saints, ascended masters, soul family, and ethereal beings supporting, encouraging, and cheering wildly for all of us who have chosen to incarnate during this most challenging and auspicious time in our history. To overcome all of the illusions that have led us to believe we’re anything less than Divine – and to restore our precious planet to the Eden it was always meant to be.

There are!

Whether you choose to be a participant or spectator – we need you NOW! Let’s finish this marathon together.

Be bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!

P.S. Ty and Brady raised money for the ALS Foundation in honor of Brady’s dad, Dan, who recently passed.