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The Great Awakening

  • January 25, 2022
  • Lis Williams

A rising consciousness inviting us to remember the truth of who we are.  An opportunity to release what... Continue Reading

If you missed my blog last month explaining where I disappeared to last year you can see it here…

When we left off, I had spent about six months learning to “just be” and enjoying every minute of it.  But last fall, I started getting a nudge from my Soul. She had more planned for me and was ready to embark on another adventure.

As we can all have different understandings about the “Soul”, let me clarify what I mean when I use that term.  I’m speaking of my Essence, my Truest and Highest Self.  She is the part of me that is Divine and has incarnated into this body to experience growth and transformation on the Earth plane.

To be clear, I believe this is true for everyone of us.  We each have a Soul which is Divine, and we have each chosen to come to Earth in human form at this time for a unique purpose.

I said in my last post that I didn’t always recognize the guidance I was receiving as coming from a Higher Source.  I also didn’t always recognize that my Soul was providing guidance as well.  What I learned is that she wants me to experience Freedom and Flow. And she wants me to fulfill the purpose I came here for – my destiny. But I had to learn to trust her enough to follow where she was leading.

In addition to “just being” last year, I had plenty of time to question and research what is happening in the world. Although the pandemic has upended our lives in so many ways, this is about so much more than just a pandemic.

The leaders we thought had our best interests at heart are suspect.  The sources we’ve turned to for information are following a prescribed narrative. The systems we’ve relied on are failing.

And we are doing our best to keep it together.  Congrats to you SiStar for hanging in there!!

So, is this it?  Is this what we’re left with?  A world that’s in constant chaos?  Powerless to do anything about it? At the mercies of the medical establishment, politicians, and corporations?  With nowhere to turn?

NO! NO! And NO!

Spending time “just being” allowed me to get out of my head and into my heart more often. Through meditation, reflection, and observation, I became aware of what I believe is happening to us collectively on the planet.

An event that has been prophesied for centuries if not millennia.  A Great Awakening!

A rising consciousness inviting us to remember the truth of who we are.  An opportunity to release what no longer serves and begin to birth anew. A co-creation so extraordinary we can only begin to imagine it. 

This is our collective “once in a lifetime” moment!

And I sure didn’t want to miss it by staying in my bubble of comfort.  No, I wanted to be full in!

After all, we’ve been preparing for this our entire lives (and some would say for many lives). All the learning, and struggling, and striving, it can’t be for naught. Surely, our life to this point has had meaning beyond measure.

Now each and everyone of us is being invited to play our part in bringing forth a New Earth!

Hot diggity dog!!  I hope you’re as excited as I am.

But what do we do? Where do we begin? I have an idea…and I’ll share it with you next time.

Until then…Be bold.  Be Daring.  Be AWE-DACIOUS!

Awakening of the Sovereign Feminine

  • January 10, 2022
  • Lis Williams

Together, WE are uniting in our Feminine Power to uplift and awaken ourselves and support one another in... Continue Reading

Awakening of the Sovereign Feminine…A Circle Gathering to Restore the Sacred 

We are living through a time of great challenge individually and collectively.  Perhaps as a result of the chaos and confusion in the outer world, our inner world is crying out for release, remembering, renewal.

We long for a lived experience of what we sense is true within our deepest selves.  An embodiment of the sacred knowing of our inherent worth and dignity.

Within our cellular memories lie the rites of passage that honor the cycles of our own journeys as unique expressions of the Divine Feminine. Although this ancient wisdom is tucked away underneath centuries of oppression of the feminine, as awakening women, we are reclaiming our Divine birthright as sovereign beings, who hold the keys to our own liberation.

As the old is crumbling, we feel an urgency for the new to be born in us and through us.  But how will this be?  What will it take?  Where do we begin?

We begin right here, right now, together in community.  We begin by gathering in Sacred Circle with our sisters as the womb of creation.

Where what is no longer useful can be witnessed, healed, and surrendered.  Where what is most needed to co-create our new future can be visioned, claimed, and called forth.

Have you been searching for a non-partisan, interfaith community in which to immerse yourself in…

Body Wisdom – Heart Opening – Soul Connection

Together, we are uniting in our Feminine Power to uplift and awaken ourselves and support one another in the truth of who we are. 


We’ll gather monthly to explore the following themes:

#1 – Realize our Individual & Collective Sovereignty (January 16)

#2 – Release what no longer serves (February 13)

#3 – Remember our Connection to Sister – Soul – Source (March 20)

#4 – Renewal & Regenesis (April 17)

#5 – Reimagine Sacred Impact (May 15)

#6 – Coronation of the Sovereign Feminine (June 12)


Come as often as you like. We lovingly invite you to join us in the Awakening of the Sovereign Feminine!

Be sure to register here…



Freedom & Flow

  • December 15, 2021
  • Lis Williams

“The Freedom and Flow you’re seeking aren’t out there beyond some goal you’ve set for yourself.  The Freedom... Continue Reading

Where’s Williams??

Not that I am so self-absorbed to think any of you have asked this question over the past ten months.  After all, you have plenty to keep you occupied amidst the ongoing chaos.

But for those of you in this AWE-mazing Sisterhood who have wondered, I thought it was time to share where I disappeared to and why. I wish I could say I decided to escape to a far off destination until the madness ceased.  But, alas, my story is not that romantic.

My first blog post was in January of 2016, and for five years I wrote consistently at least once a month.  Until I abruptly and unexpectedly stopped this past February.  I say unexpectedly because this was not at all in my plan.  If you have been following you know I was in the midst of sharing lots of posts, interviews, videos, and trainings focused on social impact and women’s empowerment.

So, what happened?  Well, in February I was in meditation.  And let me just add that I had committed in 2021 to devoting my mornings to spiritual reading, reflection, and meditation recognizing that more time spent on the “inner work” would lead to more impact on the “outer work”.

Who knew how profound this decision would be!

So, I’m sitting in meditation and I receive a download, or guidance from the higher realms.  I get this a lot; however, it’s only recently that I’ve recognized it as such.  Historically, I would have said it just came to me or it was a thought I had.  Now I know I have always been guided and, thankfully, for much of my life have listened to the wisdom.

Anyway, the message that day was crystal clear…

“The Freedom and Flow you’re seeking aren’t out there beyond some goal you’ve set for yourself.  The Freedom and Flow are available to you now.  So why aren’t you choosing them?”

Boom!  I immediately sensed the profundity and knew it was Truth. My Soul had been crying out for Freedom & Flow for a long time.  But what did this message mean for me and my life?

It meant I needed to put AWE Partners on indefinite pause.  Why?  Because something about the way I was running this social enterprise was keeping me from the Freedom & Flow I deeply desired.

Although AWE Partners has been inspired from the start – and I absolutely love all it represents (Authentic Women Empowered) – it had become a burden.  I was spending the bulk of my time “running the business” – trapped on a marketing treadmill that kept me from doing the things I really loved and spending time in my Zone of Genius.  It happens a lot to entrepreneurs, but particularly to those running on-line businesses where you’re constantly trying to get your message out there in a world that grows noisier by the day.

When the message came through it was clear to me.  I had to take a break, re-evaluate, and determine my next course of action.  So I did.  I looked at my calendar, figured out what commitments I needed to follow through on, and stopped any future planning.  Within a couple of weeks, I was completely done.

Now here’s where it gets interesting and surprised the heck out of me.  I didn’t miss it!  Not one iota!  I didn’t miss any of it!

To say I was shocked is an understatement.  How could I not miss the thing I had devoted six years of my life to?  How could I not miss being absorbed in my purpose?  How could I not miss the most fulfilling calling in my life other than motherhood?

How?  I don’t know.  I just didn’t miss it.  In fact, not only did I not miss it – I LOVED IT!  I loved it so much I thought I might never go back.  I might not ever work again.  Why would I when this is so freeing??

AWE Partners 1.0 was complete.  Perhaps there would be an AWE Partners 2.0 or maybe not.  I didn’t know.

I was so happy to JUST BE!!

But here was the even bigger revelation.  I didn’t need AWE Partners to be content or fulfilled.  I didn’t need to say I was a Founder and CEO to feel good about myself.  If someone asked me what I was doing I had no problem saying…”NOTHING”!!

Why is this such a revelation?  Because my entire life had been spent on the path we’re supposed to be on.  You know, the one that’s supposed to make us fulfilled and content.

Study hard, get good grades, go to college, get a good job, make money, get married, buy a house, have children, keep your children off drugs and out of jail, get them into a good college, start a business, volunteer, save the world……

Sound familiar to anyone?

The Freedom & Flow I was seeking required me to step off the path and into the wilderness – the great unknown – where there was no pre-determined path. 

But there was something else that shocked me.  By learning to “Just Be” I discovered that I WAS ENOUGH!

In my book, The Gutsy Guide to Giving, I wrote about how etched on my inner glass ceiling were the words, “You’re Not Good Enough”.  And now, my inner glass ceiling had been shattered!  I knew without a doubt that I was good enough, and I didn’t need to do anything to make that so.  I could truly “Just Be” and that was enough.

For about six months I floated in a river of just being, enjoying every moment of it, until something started niggling at me very gently, asking me to consider what my Soul might want to do next.

Stay tuned and until then…

Be Bold.  Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!

P.S. Have you been longing for a non-partisan, interfaith Community in which to immerse yourself in Body Wisdom – Heart Opening – Soul Connection? Together, WE are uniting in our Feminine Power to uplift and awaken ourselves and support one another in the TRUTH of who we are. We Lovingly Invite you to Join us in the Awakening of the Sovereign Feminine!

What will it take for Women to Come Together to End Oppression and Patriarchy?

  • February 22, 2021
  • Lis Williams

Our February Film Festival concludes this Wednesday, February 24th @ 7:00 p.m. CST.  Our screening this week is... Continue Reading

Our February Film Festival concludes this Wednesday, February 24th @ 7:00 p.m. CST.  Our screening this week is “Rising Power:  Building an intersectional justice movement in the United States.”  

In an increasingly polarized and racially segregated United States, we see the impact of patriarchy through the eyes of Black and Southeast Asian activists living in Madison, Wisconsin. Against a backdrop of anti-Blackness, violence against women, and increasing social and political polarization, we meet M Adams and Kabzuag Vaj, community organizers and co-directors of Freedom, Inc.

What began as a sexual assault support group has grown into a community organization at the forefront of battles over education reform, police brutality, land access and ownership, women’s safety and security, and mental health. In this Fundamental episode, Kabzuag says “Freedom, Inc. exists because there were no organizations serving women like me.”

With Freedom, Inc. Kabzuag and M have cultivated a movement that invites women of color—in particular, Black, Hmong, and Khmer women, girls, queer, and trans people—to tie their own rights to one another. Freedom, Inc. works to equip the communities they serve with the tools and resources they need to uproot our broken system and ultimately build a roadmap toward shared liberation.

Most Americans say it’s now more common for people to express racist or racially insensitive views. Additionally, 2019 saw the most deaths of transgender or gender non-conforming people in the U.S. due to fatal violence, the majority of whom were Black transgender women.

In this Fundamental episode, we learn about grassroots movements led by women and gender non-conforming people of color who confront oppression and patriarchy in the U.S. It highlights the ways people from different backgrounds experience discrimination and focuses our attention on the importance of not placing issues in silos, but instead recognizing how systems of oppression intersect and overlap.

Movements addressing one form of oppression must take others into account. For example, efforts to fight racism must include addressing homophobia, classism, and anti-Semitism, and work to eliminate gender disparities must acknowledge how women of color experience inequality and prejudice differently from white women.

INTERSECTIONALITY: The interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage. The term “intersectionality” was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, a civil rights activist and legal scholar.

Nothing changes if we don’t talk about it.  

Be bold.  Be Daring.  Be AWE-dacious!

How do we prevent children from having children?

  • February 15, 2021
  • Lis Williams

How many of you think it’s a good thing that girls as young as 10 years old are... Continue Reading

How many of you think it’s a good thing that girls as young as 10 years old are getting pregnant?  I think I know the answer.

Our February Film Festival continues with “Girls at the Heart of It:  Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Kenya.”  

In Kenya, anti-rights movements are blocking access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) for girls and young peoplea critical barrier to girls and young women realizing their full potential.

In this episode, we meet Purity Kagwiria, Executive Director of Akili Dada, an organization that provides education and leadership training to high school- and college-aged girls and young women. We also meet Mary Adhiambo, a young leader and sexual assault survivor in her early twenties who is taking her new organizing skills to the streets, and Mary Anyango, a high school student who is sharing what she’s learned about sexuality and leadership in her own community.

Across Kenya, young people and especially teenage girls are denied CSE and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights. According to a 2017 United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) report, more than 390,000 10- to 19-year-olds became pregnant in Kenya between July 2016 and June 2017.

Patriarchy and religious and social conservatism are exacerbating the issue: teenage pregnancy is high, along with maternal mortality rates and rates of unsafe abortion. Pregnancy—often a result of a lack of comprehensive sexuality education—is one of the main reasons that girls drop out of school. For girls in Kenya, misinformation on sexuality and gender is coming from many different places: religious leaders, individuals with deep cultural and traditional beliefs, media and news sources, social media, or teachers without the skills or training to develop CSE.

But teenage girls and young women in Kenya are change-makers and leaders. Many of them are advocating for comprehensive sexuality education, educating their peers on their bodies and rights, and working for laws and policies that advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is about more than just reproductive health, pregnancy, and sex. A truly comprehensive sexuality education program includes positive, scientific, and nonjudgmental information about so much more, including gender roles and power relations, bodily autonomy, consent, and gender identity (among other important topics).

CSE is an incredibly effective tool to empower girls. A 2019 United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) report outlines why comprehensive sexuality education is crucial: it leads to improved health; contributes to gender equality; enables young women to understand basic facts about their bodies; encourages young people to think about families and social relationships, and recognize inappropriate behavior; and helps prepare women for healthy, consensual, and pleasurable relationships.

However, CSE is rare, and even basic information about sexual health can be lacking in many places. For example, 48% of girls in the Islamic Republic of Iran believe menstruation is a disease. Likewise, 51% of girls in Afghanistan and 82% in Malawi were unaware of menstruation before they first experienced it.

In the United States, CSE programming varies widely across the country. Currently, just 29 states in the U.S. and the District of Columbia mandate sexuality education, and 39 states mandate HIV education. Although almost every state has some guidance on how and when sexuality education should be taught, decisions are often left up to individual school districts.

Nothing changes if we don’t talk about it.  Join us!

Be bold.  Be Daring.  Be AWE-dacious!

Have You Ever Felt Out of Place or Unwelcome?

  • February 8, 2021
  • Lis Williams

Have you ever felt out of place or unwelcome? Sadly, this is a daily experience for members of... Continue Reading

Have you ever felt out of place or unwelcome?

Sadly, this is a daily experience for members of the LGBTQI community.  And for many, it’s worse.  They live in fear.

LGBTQI+ discrimination is rampant around the globe. As of March 2019, there are 70 United Nations Member States (35%) that criminalize consensual same-sex sexual acts, with imprisonment as the most common penalty. Indeed, in 37% of these countries, consensual same-sex acts can be punished by life imprisonment. In six countries, a person can receive the death penalty for being found “guilty” of consensual same-sex sexual acts, with three in Asia (Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen) and three in Africa (Nigeria, Sudan, and Somalia).

In 30 states in the United States, LGBTQI+ people are at risk of being fired, refused housing, or denied social services simply because of identifying as LGBTQI+.

Our February Film Festival continues tomorrow, February 10th, at 7:00 p.m. CST as we feature “Living Out Loud:  LGBTQI rights in Georgia.”

In this episode, we meet feminist activist Ekaterine Aghdgomelashvili, a trailblazer for LGBTQI+ rights in Georgia and co-founder of Women’s Initiative Supporting Group (WISG). Eka and the other leaders at WISG focus their work on empowering women and LGBTQI+ people in Georgia and working to advance their rights through political participation, economic empowerment, and cultural exchange.

We also meet Eka T., an aspiring young artist and fellow community activist, in the tense days leading up to a rally for International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT). Through the eyes of Eka A., Eka T., and others, we see how anti-rights and anti-gender movements are endangering the lives of LGBTQI+ people and seeking to rollback rights gained by the gender justice movement in Georgia.

A 2018 study on hate crimes and discrimination in Georgia found that the majority of Georgians generally think it’s important to protect the rights of minorities—with the exception of LGBTQI+ people.

While officially a secular country, church and state are far from separate in Georgia. LGBTQI+ people in Georgia are the targets of violence and state-sanctioned oppression because of the undue influence of the Georgian Orthodox Church on social and political life in the country. Anti-LGBTQI+ rhetoric, led by religious and political leaders, has resulted in homophobic and transphobic violence, discrimination, hate crimes, and murders throughout the country, as well as state-ordered threats against LGBTQI+ individuals and activists. At the same time, LGBTQI+ and feminist movements in Georgia have made gains and have grown stronger over the years.

Don’t miss this eye-opening documentary and discussion.  You are needed and Now is our time!

Be bold.  Be Daring.  Be AWE-dacious!!

P.S.  We will be hosting the Fundamental film series on Wednesdays in February.  It is a joint production from Academy Award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and the non-profit Global Fund for Women. At a time of unprecedented political uprisings around the globe, Fundamental introduces global audiences to grassroots movements and community leaders who are standing up for our fundamental human rights and working to hold governments accountable for healthier and more just societies for all.

What’s the legal age of marriage where you live?

  • February 4, 2021
  • Lis Williams

What’s the legal age of marriage where you live?  Have you ever considered that question?  In most states in... Continue Reading

What’s the legal age of marriage where you live?  Have you ever considered that question?  

In most states in the U.S. it’s eighteen.  However, in many states it’s legal to get married if you’re younger than eighteen and your parents consent.  For example, with parental consent a girl can be married in…

Massachusetts at twelve!
New Hampshire at thirteen!
Mississippi at fifteen!

Almost every other state in the nation permits children to be married at the age of sixteen if their parent consents.

What century are we living in???

How many of you would like to see your daughter or son married at sixteen? Like they don’t have enough challenges just navigating the teen years.

Although in the United States child marriage is less common, sadly, in many parts of the world it’s accepted as normal.  And in most cases the child being married off has no say in the matter.  Anyone else think it’s time to change that?

You won’t want to miss the kick-off of our February Film Festival tomorrow at Noon CST with our first screening entitled, “Rights Not Roses:  Ending child, early, and forced marriage in Pakistan.

In this episode we meet Rukhshanda Naz, a dynamic human rights attorney and passionate advocate for ending child, early, and forced marriage. Rukhshanda shares how growing up with a mother who experienced early marriage and an elder sister who was forced to marry early informed her own experiences and continues to fuel her activism and professional life today. Rukhshanda and other activists in Pakistan are working together to challenge longstanding cultural norms, push back against religious fundamentalists, and end child, early, and forced marriage in Pakistan.

We also meet Zarmina, who experienced early marriage and safely escaped with support from Noor Education Trust, a grassroots organization that runs shelters for girls while providing legal, medical, and psychosocial services; workshops on gender-based violence and women’s rights; educational classes; and more. Zarmina’s parents arranged for her marriage at age 13 to an older man. He then physically abused her, until her parents discovered the abuse and helped remove her from the marriage.

Child, early, and forced marriage is a truly global problem that cuts across countries, cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Girls experience early marriage in every region in the world, from the Middle East to Latin America, South Asia to the US. One in five girls in the world are said to be married before 18. Over 650 million women alive today were married as children.

Child, early, and forced marriage robs girls of their freedom, education, and dreams and is a deeply entrenched practice due in part to the combination of religious fundamentalism, patriarchy, and cultural and traditional practices. There is a growing awareness among researchers and activists that control of adolescent girls’ sexuality is a driving force behind child, early, and forced marriage and unions. Controlling women’s and girls’ life choices is how the system of patriarchy is sustained.

Don’t miss this eye-opening documentary and discussion.  You are needed and Now is our time!

Be bold.  Be Daring.  Be AWE-dacious!!

P.S.  We will be hosting the Fundamental film series on Wednesdays in February.  It is a joint production from Academy Award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and the non-profit Global Fund for Women. At a time of unprecedented political uprisings around the globe, Fundamental introduces global audiences to grassroots movements and community leaders who are standing up for our fundamental human rights and working to hold governments accountable for healthier and more just societies for all.

Jumpstart 2021 With Collective Impact!

  • January 21, 2021
  • Lis Williams

Happy 2021!! OMG – I know we’re all praying that better days are ahead.  So we can either... Continue Reading

Happy 2021!!

OMG – I know we’re all praying that better days are ahead.  So we can either wait it out and hope for the best.  Or…make sure it’s a better year through focusing on positive intentions and raising our vibration by embracing elevated emotions such as love, joy, peace, and compassion.


There is so much good happening on the planet, sometimes it’s just hard to see it.  Especially, if all we know is what mainstream media wants us to see.


One of the things I love most about what I do is I am constantly in touch with AWE-mazing individuals implementing inspiring Soul-utions.  And my goal this year is to bring more of that to you so you, too, can be uplifted and empowered.


Are you ready to leave 2020 behind and Jumpstart 2021 in service to the better world you imagine?


Then you won’t want to miss this free, on-line workshop I’m co-hosting on Wednesday, January 27th, @ 10 a.m. Eastern.  Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • The power of women working together as philanthropists and investors
  • What makes women’s giving and investing unique
  • How you can join a Circle of Giving, Investing, or Impact


Your Presenters…

Sondra Shaw-Hardy and Carmen Stevens from Women’s Giving Circles International (

  • What is a giving circle?
  • Definition
  • Format(s)
  • How do I start a circle?
  • Purpose
  • Participants
  • Gifting
  • Growing

Ellen Remmer from Invest For Better (

  • What is an Invest for Better Circle?
  • Purpose
  • Format
  • Community
  • How do I start or join a Circle?

Elisabeth Williams from AWE Partners (

  • What is an AWE-thentic Impact Circle?
  • How is it similar to/different from a giving circle?
  • Deeper dive into each participant’s passion project
  • Introduction to social enterprises and the opportunity to give, shop & invest for impact

You are Needed and it’s Our Time!  Let’s jumpstart 2021 with a higher energy and greater vision together!!


Don’t miss this kick-off event!  Register here…


Be bold.  Be Daring.  Be AWE-dacious!!


Why Didn’t I Jump?

  • November 6, 2020
  • Lis Williams

I had an interesting dream last night. Since Covid started, I’ve been remembering my dreams and I’ve heard... Continue Reading

I had an interesting dream last night.

Since Covid started, I’ve been remembering my dreams and I’ve heard that from others, too.  How about you?

Anyway, last night I dreamt I was at a resort and I was trying to find my way outside to the pool area.  I asked an employee and he pointed to a door but said we’re not allowed to use it.  Then he showed me a small window.  A man and then a woman jumped out through the window.  But when I went to look out, the window seemed too small for me to get through.  Then, magically, it became larger.  However, when I looked out I saw my husband already in the water warning me not to jump.  There was a large boulder and he was afraid I would get hurt.  So I chose not to jump and instead went back inside to look for a door.

Ouch!  Why didn’t I jump?  Why did I listen to my husband?  My logical side?  The one that doesn’t take risks?

That’s really not like me. I’ve been taking risks for the last decade.  I’m constantly pushing myself outside my comfort zone.  Constantly doing things I’ve never done before.

Why?  For a lot of reasons…

  • Life is more interesting when we’re stretching ourselves
  • We need more women leaders and it’s my mission to do everything I can to inspire women to step up and into their magnificence
  • Women don’t sit by while women and children suffer so I want to encourage more women to become involved in social impact so together we can effect real and lasting change
  • I believe my calling, my purpose in life is to use everything I’ve been given – every gift, talent, skill, experience, bit of wisdom to co-create the better world we imagine
  • My soul came here for growth and transformation and I want to honor her

But my biggest reason for living outside my comfort zone is because I didn’t want to get to the end of my life and ask myself, “Why didn’t you jump?”


That’s my why.  What’s yours?  I want to hear!

Next week you have the opportunity to come together in a circle of courageous women to explore together our why.

What are you Passionate about?

What’s your Purpose?

How do you tap into Passion & Purpose to Invite Abundance into your life?

We’re circling up and there’s nothing more powerful on the planet than a circle of women on a mission.

I hope you’ll join us!

On November 10-12 from 12-1 pm CT, I’ve created a FREE Facebook Challenge called:

Grow Your Business – Grow Your Impact…
For More Passion, Purpose & Profit

You can join us live in the Business Women Giving Back Facebook Group where we’ll explore together how to…

Re-ignite your Passion

Discover your Purpose

Expand your Profit

When it comes down to it – it’s all about your Why!

Let’s leave the closed doors of 2020 behind and take a leap out the window together into the clear, blue waters of 2021 and our new future!

Be Bold.  Be Daring.  Be AWE-dacious!

Ready to Soar to New Heights?

  • August 31, 2020
  • Lis Williams

A couple of weeks ago I was in Colorado for a short family vacation before sending my youngest... Continue Reading

A couple of weeks ago I was in Colorado for a short family vacation before sending my youngest son back to college.  We love being out west in the winter to ski and the summer for a variety of activities including rock climbing, mountain biking, fly fishing, and whitewater rafting.  Ok I only participate in the whitewater rafting, but this year I added a new dream activity to the list – paragliding!

I seem to have a deep desire to rise above the earth.  With the existing chaos I feel this even more intensely.  We’ve tried to go hot air ballooning numerous times, but it never works out.  So this year I decided to take that as a sign and look for an alternative. 

In looking back on the experience, I see a number of parallels to what life is like or can be like if we take the leap. 

We gathered early in the morning to get our gear and meet our pilots.  I was thrilled to be matched with a badass, female pilot named Anne.  We all loaded into a pickup truck for the trek up the mountain.  A long trek that was incredibly bumpy.

Can you relate to this experience?  You feel like you’re climbing up a mountain in life.  And it takes a really long time with lots of bumps and bruises on the way?  But then eventually you arrive at the top and the view is magnificent!

We even saw some young bucks with new antlers playing on the hillside.  The pilots began laying out the canopies and straightening the lines.  Next, it was time to harness in.  So I step into the device that holds my life in its hands.  The thing that will keep me tethered to the canopy and my pilot. 

Once we’re geared up, Anne explains to me how this whole thing is gonna go down.  She’s going to begin counting backwards…3, 2, 1, go.  Then we’re both going to begin running slowly – keeping our feet on the ground for as long as possible – and our eyes on the horizon.  Because if I look down I might end up flat on my face.  Comforting.

Mind you all this running is happening about 10 feet from the edge of the cliff.  So I’m confused as to how I can keep running upright at 11,000 feet.  But I decide to trust the process.

Just take one step at a time and keep your eyes on the horizon.  Sage advice for anyone who’s reaching for a dream.

Before I could possibly be fully ready, I hear “let’s give it a minute for the wind” (which I don’t feel at all) and then the countdown begins.  Anne’s yelling in my ear, “Keep running, keep running”.  And I’m running toward the edge of the mountain, trying not to acknowledge the reality of the situation, but rather looking out at the horizon.

And the next thing I know, we’re air born.  The running has stopped and instead I’m sitting in a swing of sorts enjoying the ride.

A leap of faith and we’re flying.

But Anne wasn’t done with me yet.  She decided I need to learn how to fly this baby.  She puts the brake cords into my hands so I could steer the dang thing.  It was actually a lot easier than I would have expected – as long as you can keep your arms suspended indefinitely.

Of course, there was one last piece that we hadn’t yet discussed.  How to ace the landing.  I had visions of me tumbling to the ground with Anne landing on top of me, and some limb of mine broken in two.  Thankfully, her 26 years of experience led to a much better plan.  As a result of the winds, rather than landing upright we instead slid in on our behinds.  And gracefully at that!

Here’s the thing…you can choose to stay safely on the ground, in your comfort zone, looking up into the sky and imagining what it would be like to fly.

Or you can find your mountain. Take the sometimes arduous and lengthy path to climb through all your resistances.  Ask for guidance from a trusted advisor.  Gear up for what is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime.  And take that leap of faith to who knows where.

Don’t want to go it alone?  Join me in my new Facebook Group, “Business Women Giving Back”.  There are mountains to climb, adventures to be had, and a new future waiting to be co-created when you get clear on what you have to share and where you’re meant to serve. 

I’ve got all the gear ready.  I just need you and a little bit of courage!

Be bold.  Be daring.  Be AWE-dacious!