I’m excited to share that I will be joining my dear friend and Co-Creatrix, Sheila Cash, for a panel discussion during World Unity Week entitled, “The Great Pause in Moving Humanity Forward”.

We’ve all been barreling forward in an exciting, at times thrilling, evolutionary progression these past years. Every day, if not every minute new and innovative ideas, resources and tools are suddenly in view. In certain ways, our brains have been preparing under the radar gradually over a lifetime and in other ways our trillions of cells are venturing into unprecedented levels of re-integration each millisecond. Every level of our consciousness – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically is learning superpowers of adaptability.

Never a boring moment!

In the meantime, what has become increasingly apparent is that burgeoning numbers of people are taking a pause. Some have left their jobs or even careers altogether. Many have taken several month vacations or longer sabbaticals. Others who aren’t able to manage that logistically are practicing dedicated blocks of time in nature and meditation. I’ve actually taken two pauses in the past two years, and am just emerging from the second!

While we’ve talked about letting go of old standards of thinking for decades, we’re experiencing the genuine shifts now. We’re finally flowing from DOing to BEing. There is a quietness and an exhale that is rippling through conscious circles.

Sheila calls it “The Great Pause.” Here’s what she says, “What’s intriguing is the sense that there is more to the bigger picture of evolution here. Attunement to life’s impulses reveals trends within humanity as universal energies that are being intricately orchestrated by the intelligent universe. This is about more than just rethinking our jobs. This current phenomena is revealing an organic realignment in preparation for our collective future. Our personal experiences are harbingers of what is forming ahead.

Might this phenomena actually be preparing us for a new level of co-creation globally?

I’m inviting a panel of thought leaders who have spoken about their own need for a pause recently to come together in opening up more personal perspective of this global phenomenon and how it relates to our collective future.”

You are warmly invited to join us on Zoom for this relevant discussion that is a sign of our times:

“The Great Pause in Moving Humanity Forward”

World Unity Week

Friday, June 23 – 12:30-2pm ET

Convergence Room:“Humanity as Organism Thrives”

stewarded by: Dr. Tom Acklin and Haseena Patel




You are a significant expression of the life impulse. All that comes to you and through you reflects the leading edge of humanity’s future. Let’s discover more together of what universal energies are forming now and how it can inspire you and all of us!

Be bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!

P.S. World Unity Week is a free event co-hosted by our friends at Unity Earth and the SINE Network. You can learn more here…https://worldunityweek.org/