We women love our girlfriends, don’t we? Together we laugh, cry, talk, listen, lift up, call out, and walk each other through this adventure called life. Whether it’s book club or Bunco, a quiet glass of wine or a night on the town, we couldn’t make it through without the support of our sisters.

So what if you could take this amazing group of friends you have, pool your resources, and make a significant impact on the causes that keep you up at night?

You can! Giving Circles have become hugely popular in the last decade and the momentum is building.

But whether you’re giving on your own or as part of a collective, the approach I suggest is still the same. It starts with adopting an investor mindset to giving. After all, you are making an investment in an organization with the expectation that they will achieve their mission and make headway in solving the problem they are addressing.

Learn more about the questions you should ask before creating or joining a Giving Circle in my latest video…

Be AWE-dacious!