Ready to Bake Mission into Your Life and Business for More Passion, Purpose, and Profit?

When you imagine a better world what does it look like?

If you could address any of the problems in your community where would you start?

If you could ensure that sharing your time, talent, treasure, and ties would make a difference what would you do first?

If you’re like most women, you know the change you want to see

but it seems almost impossible to effect.

There are so many important issues and so many organizations to support.  How do you know what’s yours to do and where your efforts will be most impactful?

You take small steps but never see the results.  Your giving is a mish-mosh of causes and organizations that changes from year to year.  You wonder if your donation is even getting to the people and problems it’s meant to help.

I used to feel that way, too.  I wasn’t clear on my purpose, what I had to offer, and who I should align myself with.  I didn’t know if I was supporting solutions or just taking a band-aid approach to philanthropy.

And the more research I did, the more overwhelmed I became.  I was stuck in a place of frustration and inaction.

I knew I wanted to give – to make a difference.  I knew there was a deeper, richer way to live but I wasn’t sure how to get there.

So I decided to create an approach to giving that was more intentional and strategic.  One that incorporated both the inner and outer work necessary to be meaningful and yet effective.

An approach that leads to AWE-thentic Impact – your highest purpose and greatest good. 

The life you were meant to live.

And now I want to teach you how to get there – saving you time, money, and heartache while discovering your unique path to…

AWE-thentic Impact!


AWE-sum Mini-Course + Mastermind…Small Steps to Big Impact

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 5 Small Group Virtual Sessions with me as your guide and recordings of the calls sent directly to your inbox.
  • E-mail Access to me for the duration of the course.
  • Create your personalized Portfolio of Giving using worksheets and templates provided.
  • Gain clarity about the unique gifts and talents you have to share and the issues and causes you are meant to address.
  • Learn how to navigate the social impact space and identify the most effective organizations to support.
  • Discover how to include your team and clients in the effort to increase employee engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Experience a sense of meaning and fulfillment from knowing you are stepping into your purpose and calling.
  • Your complimentary copy of my book The Gutsy Guide to Giving…Your Journey to AWE-thentic Impact.

And the support and encouragement of a global community of AWE-dacious, heart-centered, mission-driven, women committed to expressing their feminine power in a world that is crying out for healing.  Here’s what they’re saying…

“I crave purpose and working with Lis has given me such an immense amount of purpose that my whole life has been impacted.  My husband comments that when I’m doing my work with Lis I have a drive and excitement that he can feel, my sons can feel, and I know my clients can feel.  Every conversation leaves me with a renewed sense of possibility and excitement for the global changes I have the power to be involved in.”

Maegan Watson
Founder of Watson Style Group


“Lis connects how stepping into our own authentic personal power is directly related to transforming the world.  However, she goes much further into how to give of our time, talent, and treasure.  She sheds light on the many nuanced considerations of effective altruism and empowers women with specific tools to evaluate the best ways to give back.”

Lauri McKean
Creator of  The Yin Powered Entrepreneur


“Participating in the AWE-sum Mini-course + Mastermind helped me move forward in my thinking about impact giving as a mindset.  I have always participated in charitable giving, and I have served on boards.  What I learned is that my own unique interests, gifts, and talents can anchor my decisions.  There are so many good causes, and my heartstrings can leave me feeling scattered about what should be a “yes” and when it is perfectly acceptable to say “no”.  My “yes” feels authentic when it is aligned with my own core.  Working with Lis ignited my imagination and helped me identify some touchstones so I can make an impact with all my gifts.

Mary Dorsey   
Theologian and Philanthropist


The world needs what you have to give.  Let’s co-create your

AWE-thentic Impact!

Grab Your Spot and The Gutsy Guide to Giving Now.

Yes, Please!

Not ready to join an AWE-sum Mini-Course + Mastermind?  No worries!  You can still begin your journey to AWE-thentic Impact today.  Order your copy of my book and go at a pace that works for you and your lifestyle.

The Gutsy Guide to Giving by Elisabeth A. Williams

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