Have you ever encouraged a child to use their “inside voice” in the hopes of quieting them down? I recall using that phrase on numerous occasions with my own children when they were younger. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes not so much.

Recently, it occurred to me that many of us, particularly women, have been encouraged to use our own “inside voices” in life when, in fact, what’s needed now more than ever is a chorus of “outside voices” willing to speak up for what’s right and true.

The other day I was having a conversation with my husband, brother-in-law, and two sons about a soccer game my son had played in and what a poor job the referees had done.  So much so that they lost control of the game and numerous players were injured.  We were discussing whether or not to write a letter to the league encouraging them to do a better job of training their referees.  The consensus from the group was that nothing would change.

I heartily disagreed!  I believe that the only way anything is going to change is if we speak up.  It might not be comfortable.  It might not be well received.  And it’s possible that nothing will happen.  At least not right away.

But if enough people speak up on a consistent basis and in a respectful manner voicing their concerns and offering solutions, then chances are things will eventually change.

What I know for sure is if we never say anything, never offer another way, never dream of a better world – it’s likely that things won’t change.

Watch my latest video blog to hear how my 90-year old mother found her voice and how doing so can lead to better health, a feeling of empowerment, and greater impact.  But don’t wait until you’re 90 to discover yours!

Be AWE-dacious!