Just when we think we’re emerging from one global crisis –  we’re thrust into another.  As little boys disguised as men play a dangerous game of “Mine’s Bigger”.

The result is many of us are questioning – Everything!  How did this happen? When does it end? What can I do?

Last month I introduced you to the “7 Pillars of Re-Powerment”.  An approach to addressing our social challenges by lifting up women and girls around the globe. Re-balancing the feminine and masculine energies on the planet.  Re-connecting to Mother Earth.  Re-storing the Sacred.

If I had to choose just one pillar to focus on – one that is infused into all the others.  If there is one that is absolutely critical to addressing the chaos and insanity we are witnessing – it is without a doubt …

Restoring the Sacred

Why? What does that mean?

It means silencing the noise of the outside world and turning within.  Asking ourselves and deeply listening.  What do I hold Sacred?

For me first and foremost it’s the connection with my Soul – my Essence – the deepest, truest sense of who I am and why I’m here.

This connection to Soul inevitably leads to my connection with Source – the Breath of Life – the Creatrix of All.

As I reconnect with my Soul and Source I am reminded of my own Sacredness.  My worth, my dignity, my purpose.

And as I re-member this for myself I can remember that this is true for my Sisters as well.  That each of us is a shining star of uniqueness and perfection.  That we are intimately connected to each other and powerful beyond measure.

I am then reminded that the atrocities committed by the hierarchical, patriarchal society we have lived in for thousands of years is in fact the result of the “wounds” of the masculine.  For they have long forgotten what is Sacred.  They have long forgotten the truth of who they are.  And so the answer is not to condemn them, but rather to offer healing – deep healing so that they, too, might remember.

I have been blessed to be surrounded by strong, yet loving, men in my life who have encouraged me as I step more fully into my calling.  Let’s remember to hold Sacred the men who support the rise of women into co-equal partnership. And those who have the courage to speak out against the madness, the cruelty, the harm. 

I hold Sacred family, friendships, and the Soul Sisterhood I have developed with women from around the world.

Women who have the AWE-dacity to take back their power, speak their truth, and step into the role of Lightworker, Wayshower, Starseed at a time when their gifts are so needed.


As I Re-connect with Mother Earth I am reminded of the Sacredness of all creatures – the four-legged, the winged, the swimmers, the crawlers.  Of the trees, the plants, the flowers.  Of the mountains, the oceans, rivers, and streams.  All is Sacred and we are meant to be caretakers.

Could it be that the forgetting of what is Sacred, the collective amnesia of our role on the planet –  has permitted the darkness to overtake the light?

Could it be that the Soul-ution is to incite a Global Awakening – a Planetary Re-membering?  A Rising Consciousness to snap people out of the slumber of apathy. Burst their bubbles of indifference.


Invite them into a New Future built on love, compassion, cooperation, harmony, and abundance for all!


This is the way of the Divine Feminine. This, Sistars, is what is needed so desperately at this time.


You are so needed!


So I ask you…What do you hold Sacred?  And what are you going to do about it?