In ancient days and past lives the Temple was a place of worship.  Where Goddesses and Priestesses were honored, respected, and revered.  Where community gathered to pray, engage in ceremony and rituals, and offer sacrifices to the Divine.

Over time, the Temple changed as patriarchy and hierarchy implemented rules and protocols for belonging.  A separation occurred.  A heaviness descended.  A darkness emerged.

It is now OUR TIME to Restore the Temple and Restore the Sacred.  And women will lead the way forward. 

In Sacred Circle together…


We Realize –

Our Individual and Collective Sovereignty


We Release  –

Letting Go and Surrendering

Getting Naked and Vulnerable

Acknowledging our Wounds as Sacred

Allowing to fall away old beliefs, identities, and things that no longer serve


We Remember –

Our Connection to Mother Earth, the Cosmos, Source, Sisterhood

Our Inherent Worth and Dignity as Daughters of the Divine

Our Voice that speaks Our Truth

Our Authenticity and Pure Essence

Our Life Force and Goddess Energy


We Rise Renewed –

Transformed and Abundantly Free

Evolving and Ascending into our Feminine Genius

Tapping into our Intuition and Deepest Heart’s Desire

Moving through the world in Lightness of Being with Ease, Flow, and Grace

Exploring and Sharing our Creativity


We Reimagine –

Engaging our Fierce Feminine through Inspired Action and Sacred Impact

Claiming our AWE-thentic Power and Holy AWE-dacity

Connecting with and Drawing from the Field of Infinite Possibilities

Dreaming a New World into Being

Birthing a New Creation


We Re-Unite –

In Unconditional Love

The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

The Light and The Dark

Heaven and Earth

As Above So Below


The Temple is no longer a place where we need to go to be in the Presence of the Divine.  We now know that the Temple is within each and every one of us. As close to us as the beating of our Heart.

  Our Body is the Temple of the Spirit.  Where we are invited to embrace ourselves as Healthy, Whole, and Holy.


For the Sovereign Feminine…

Her Medicine is her Presence

Her Beauty is her Offering

Her Wisdom is her Gift

She is All that is Good, True, and Beautiful. 


This is the New Temple.  The Temple of the Sovereign Feminine.  And we are Her in all Her Radiant Splendor!

Welcome Home Sister!