Happy 2021!!

OMG – I know we’re all praying that better days are ahead.  So we can either wait it out and hope for the best.  Or…make sure it’s a better year through focusing on positive intentions and raising our vibration by embracing elevated emotions such as love, joy, peace, and compassion.


There is so much good happening on the planet, sometimes it’s just hard to see it.  Especially, if all we know is what mainstream media wants us to see.


One of the things I love most about what I do is I am constantly in touch with AWE-mazing individuals implementing inspiring Soul-utions.  And my goal this year is to bring more of that to you so you, too, can be uplifted and empowered.


Are you ready to leave 2020 behind and Jumpstart 2021 in service to the better world you imagine?


Then you won’t want to miss this free, on-line workshop I’m co-hosting on Wednesday, January 27th, @ 10 a.m. Eastern.  Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • The power of women working together as philanthropists and investors
  • What makes women’s giving and investing unique
  • How you can join a Circle of Giving, Investing, or Impact


Your Presenters…

Sondra Shaw-Hardy and Carmen Stevens from Women’s Giving Circles International (wgci.online)

  • What is a giving circle?
  • Definition
  • Format(s)
  • How do I start a circle?
  • Purpose
  • Participants
  • Gifting
  • Growing

Ellen Remmer from Invest For Better (investforbetter.org)

  • What is an Invest for Better Circle?
  • Purpose
  • Format
  • Community
  • How do I start or join a Circle?

Elisabeth Williams from AWE Partners (awepartners.com)

  • What is an AWE-thentic Impact Circle?
  • How is it similar to/different from a giving circle?
  • Deeper dive into each participant’s passion project
  • Introduction to social enterprises and the opportunity to give, shop & invest for impact

You are Needed and it’s Our Time!  Let’s jumpstart 2021 with a higher energy and greater vision together!!


Don’t miss this kick-off event!  Register here…



Be bold.  Be Daring.  Be AWE-dacious!!