Happy New Year!


Go back and read that first line slowly.

Happy. New. Year.

That’s right. It’s a “new” “year” and it’s gonna be “happy,” right?

If only it was that easy. If only we could just say the words and make it come true. Make our year happy and new. Or even better—make our life happy and new. Not just this year but every year. What if?

In my younger years, I typically felt pretty happy most days. But as time went on, life became more challenging. It finally got to the point where I didn’t feel much new or happy. I felt tired, weighed down and pessimistic.

rediscover happy and new

If my genes were anything like my ancestors, I was going to be around for a very long time, so I sure didn’t want to spend another fifty or sixty years feeling this way. Instead, I committed to doing whatever it took to rediscover happy and new. Only I called it peace, joy and abundance. Because that’s what I really wanted. That’s how I wanted to live.

What about you? Is life turning out the way you had planned? Is it everything you thought it would be? Have your dreams come true?

If yes, then you are likely on your way to yet another happy new year! Rock on, sister!

If not, then what are you gonna do about it? Because you can do something about it. And if that’s what you want to do—this is a great place to start.

The AWE Community is a long time in the making and a dream come true for me. It’s a place where women can come together to be authentic. We can reveal our imperfections, wounds and battle scars. We can tell our stories.

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But more importantly, we can begin to rediscover who we really are and what we really have to share with the world. We can find meaning. We can reconnect with our soul, our passions, our power.

That’s what Spiritual Philanthropy is all about. It’s about connecting with Spirit, however you experience it, so that you can fulfill your life’s purpose. It’s about listening for what your life is calling you to. It’s about clarifying your mission and going for it.

reconnect with our soul, our passions, our power

If you’re looking for a quick fix or just want to know which charity to donate to—this is not the place for you.

If, however, you’re ready to make peace with the past, awaken the new and embrace life more fully…then welcome to AWE & Wonder!

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With Love, Lis

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