July 4th is Independence Day in the United States. And it’s my birthday! Yes, each year we decorate my flag cake with blueberries for the stars and strawberries for the stripes…yum! My mom even used sparklers instead of candles when I was young. (That was before sparklers were considered dangerous. Oh, the good old days…)


Our World Needs Changemakers Like You!

But enough about me…let’s talk about you! Uncle Sam used the phrase, “We Need You” when recruiting for the military, but I’d like to re-purpose this phrase and invite you to focus not on fighting a war, but on creating peace as a “Change-Maker”.

Changemaker is a term coined by the social entrepreneurship organization, Ashoka, meaning one who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen.

Yes, ma’am! That sounds like something we could use more of right about now, doesn’t it? And since you’re reading this, I know you’re either already a change-maker or you desire to become one. So, I want to do everything I can to support you on your journey.


A Rising Consciousness Around Social Change

There is a rising consciousness around social change with more and more women embracing their power to effect change through decisions in how they invest, shop, and give. (I think Rosie the Riveter would be proud of us for using our muscle for the betterment of society – don’t you?)

It’s now possible to choose a cause that is near and dear to your heart and support finding solutions by intentionally using your wealth for good. And it’s not just happening in our personal lives.

Socially conscious entrepreneurs and executives are using their business as a platform to amplify their impact by involving their team members and clients in the effort. They realize now that they can use their business as a vehicle for compassionate, loving service in the world.

Are you as excited about this as I am? I hope so!

Why I LOVE Social Enterprises – and You Should, Too!

I LOVE social enterprises and honestly believe that every business should strive to be one.  Yes, I get that public corporations have a duty to increase shareholder value. But don’t you think every business should care about not just profit but purpose as well?

Imagine the paradigm shift that would occur if this were our reality. Really think about this for just a minute. I believe we’re ready to begin making that shift and that women will play a critical role.


Are my recruiting tactics working?

Are you ready to join a powerful Movement Towards Meaning?

Great! Now what?!


INVEST, SHOP, GIVE to Create a Social Impact

All you have to do to get started is sign on the dotted line (just kidding, of course!).

Click below and here’s what you’ll get…access to a FREE 4-part webinar series called:

Invest – Shop – Give: Use the Power of Your Dollars to Change the World!


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Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics I’m covering:

  • Discover why it’s vital to unleash your personal financial empowerment
  • Get clear on the must-know fundamentals of impact investing
  • Learn how your everyday purchases have the power to change the world
  • Give to grow your business – while expanding your social impact
  • Ways to inspire others to be enthusiastic and get involved in your efforts

The series is FREE and will be held LIVE with plenty of time to ask me questions about all things social impact.

Can’t attend the live webinars? No worries! We’ll send you the recordings so you can tune in whenever your busy schedule allows.

You don’t want to miss this, so grab your spot now and join fellow Change-Makers on the path to creating a better world for all. Together, we’re unstoppable! Can’t wait to see you there!


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P.S.  Did you know? Chocolate and coffee aren’t just some of our fav foods – they have the potential to change lives. Yes, really!

In the webinar series, I’ll tell you how in my Top 10 Favorite Ways to Shop for Impact and more! Share this link with your friends and colleagues so they can join us, too!


Be Bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!