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Awakening of the Sovereign Feminine

  • January 10, 2022
  • Lis Williams

Together, WE are uniting in our Feminine Power to uplift and awaken ourselves and support one another in... Continue Reading

Awakening of the Sovereign Feminine…A Circle Gathering to Restore the Sacred 

We are living through a time of great challenge individually and collectively.  Perhaps as a result of the chaos and confusion in the outer world, our inner world is crying out for release, remembering, renewal.

We long for a lived experience of what we sense is true within our deepest selves.  An embodiment of the sacred knowing of our inherent worth and dignity.

Within our cellular memories lie the rites of passage that honor the cycles of our own journeys as unique expressions of the Divine Feminine. Although this ancient wisdom is tucked away underneath centuries of oppression of the feminine, as awakening women, we are reclaiming our Divine birthright as sovereign beings, who hold the keys to our own liberation.

As the old is crumbling, we feel an urgency for the new to be born in us and through us.  But how will this be?  What will it take?  Where do we begin?

We begin right here, right now, together in community.  We begin by gathering in Sacred Circle with our sisters as the womb of creation.

Where what is no longer useful can be witnessed, healed, and surrendered.  Where what is most needed to co-create our new future can be visioned, claimed, and called forth.

Have you been searching for a non-partisan, interfaith community in which to immerse yourself in…

Body Wisdom – Heart Opening – Soul Connection

Together, we are uniting in our Feminine Power to uplift and awaken ourselves and support one another in the truth of who we are. 


We’ll gather monthly to explore the following themes:

#1 – Realize our Individual & Collective Sovereignty (January 16)

#2 – Release what no longer serves (February 13)

#3 – Remember our Connection to Sister – Soul – Source (March 20)

#4 – Renewal & Regenesis (April 17)

#5 – Reimagine Sacred Impact (May 15)

#6 – Coronation of the Sovereign Feminine (June 12)


Come as often as you like. We lovingly invite you to join us in the Awakening of the Sovereign Feminine!

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