Do you feel like the pace of life is speeding up?

They say as you get older life seems to pass by more quickly, but this feels different.

Everything is coming at us so fast. Even my kids have noticed!

Years ago, when they were in elementary school, I remember talking to them about this.  My memory as a child was that each year passed by so slowly. I couldn’t wait to move from one grade to the next – to get older and be able to do new and exciting things.

But when I described this to my children they didn’t get it.  For them, life was moving very quickly.  At the start of a new school year I’d announce, “Only 180 days of school left!”  And in the blink of an eye we’d be counting down the last two or three days.  It’s like their childhood was being stolen from them.

I see it with my family and friends, too. It’s so challenging to find time to chat on the phone, meet for lunch, or squeeze in a walk to catch up.  It’s like we think that texting each other is enough to keep our relationships strong.  As if hearing each other’s voices or sitting face to face is no longer a necessary part of life.

Everyone is so damn busy, right?

Here’s a few steps you can take to slow down…

Take Back Time

I promise you there is enough time in your day. There is time enough to do exactly what the Universe needs you to do – no more, no less. In fact, time is a concept of our own making and yet we let it control our lives.

We rush around with our eye on the clock making sure we fill every moment and accomplish as much as possible in a 24-hour period.  We’re on a treadmill that never stops, and we refuse to jump off.

But let me ask you this…

What are you afraid will happen?  Someone will pass you by?  I say, “Let ‘em!”  This is a race I never signed up for. Wouldn’t you agree?

When was the last time you wasted time with friends or family?  I mean actually saw each other face-to-face without a specific event or reason? Or just enjoyed each other’s company without staring at a screen or thinking about what needs to get done?

So, today, sit down for a few minutes and schedule some time with friends or family. Pick two or three people this month you’d like to see and make a plan!

Do What You Love First

Sometimes, it’s as simple as just trying to do too much at one time.

What if you were to begin looking at your life in chapters? Instead of trying to do it all now, you put some things on hold to write into another chapter. It’s not that you’ll never do them, it’s just not going to all get done today or this week.

It might even mean saying “no” to some really good things so that you can say a “big yes” to the most important things.

Make a list of those important things and decide to make them top priority this month.

Right now, I’m jumping off the treadmill and I invite you to do the same. Let’s stop running around this month!

Now it’s your turn…

What are you going to put on hold for the time being so that you can spend more time just being?  Leave a comment for me below and let’s do this together!

Be AWE-dacious!