How are you?  After approximately two months of “shelter at home” (depending on where you are in the world), I would love to know how are you really?

Are you pulling your hair out?  Tired of online learning and Zoom calls?  Longing to spend time with friends and colleagues?  Itching for things to open up so you can get back to some sort of normalcy?

Or are you enjoying the slower pace of life?  Not missing the commute or the hours spent in your car getting from one activity to the next?  Relishing having an excuse to order in to support your local restaurants rather than figuring out yet again what to cook for dinner?

If you’re like me you’ve felt it all at some point.  From calm and peace to anger and frustration all before breakfast.

But I think what I’ve found most revealing about myself during this slowdown is how much I value my freedom.  I’m a bit of a rebel, so I really don’t like being told what I can and cannot do.  It’s why I’ve chosen the path of entrepreneurship over corporate life.

However, I also recognize how important it has been for us to come together as a global community and make choices that benefit the whole rather than doing what we feel like doing at any given moment.

I’ve also found myself asking questions about who wields power, particularly in times of chaos, and can I trust them?  With revelations happening constantly about our so-called “leaders” it’s challenging to know who or what to believe.

How did this whole thing happen and how do we ensure that it never happens again?  Because I really don’t want to sit around, with fingers and toes crossed, hoping someone else is minding the store.

Do we continue to put our faith in those who hold the power and claim to have our best interests at heart?  Or is it time for each of us to acknowledge and take back our own power?  Our AWE-thentic Power?

AWE-thentic Power comes from within.  It’s your birthright.  Your inherent worth.  It’s something that every human being on the planet has a right to embody.  It’s just that most of us have forgotten.

In some cases, our AWE-thentic Power is taken from us.  At other times, we give it away, perhaps unconsciously.

We give it away when we don’t stand up for ourselves.  When we let others treat us poorly.  When we stay quiet in the face of abuse or wrongdoing.

We give it away when we conform to fit in or follow outdated rules so we will be liked.

We give it away when we stay in toxic relationships or situations too long.  Or when we let others decide our life path.

In some circumstances, life is just too overwhelming and we’re too tired or afraid to take back our power.  It just seems easier to give in.

But for those of us who believe we have a choice, it’s time.  Time to take back our power for ourselves and our sisters.  Because when one of us rises we all rise.  When one of us steps up and out we all are lifted.  When one of us shines our light, the darkness recedes.  And when one of us raises our vibration, the vibration of the entire planet rises.

And that’s where we are right now.  At a turning point.  We either keep playing small or we rise together.

We either stay asleep or we wake up to what our soul came here to do.  Stepping outside our comfort zone and into our potential, our purpose, our destiny.

We didn’t just come here to enjoy the scenery – although we should do that as much as possible.  We came here for a reason.

You incarnated into that beautiful body of yours so that your soul could experience its own growth and transformation. And your soul’s purpose is what makes you come alive.

Your soul is the source of your AWE-thentic Power!  Get to know her!

You have the power to co-create your life and to participate in the ongoing evolution of the Universe.  Your dream merges into something bigger than yourself – the greater story you are destined to live.

Here’s something to remember…you’re not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it.  We’re unlimited in our capacity for impact.  So what are you waiting for?

But how do I hear her, you ask?  How do I know what I came here to do?

Your soul speaks to you through your intuition.  So that gut feeling…listen to it!  That calling that keeps nudging you…listen to it!  That phrase that keeps showing up, that desire that keeps creeping in, that passion that keeps tugging at your heart strings.  Listen to it!!

Women are naturals at this.  Tuning into their gut.  Trusting their instincts.  Possessing a “knowingness” about things.  Listening, feeling, being with emotions.

And this is why we need more women in leadership positions.  Why we need a paradigm shift bringing the feminine into every sector of society.

Not because the masculine energy is bad.  We’re all designed to have both masculine and feminine qualities and attributes.  We’re just out of balance.

It’s time to move from competition to cooperation, achievement to fulfillment, doing to being.  We need more love, creativity, connectedness, receptivity, wisdom, and compassion.  More honesty, vulnerability, and community.

AWE-thentic Power is shared power.  It’s power with – not over.

We need to support each other on the journey.  We need our sisters to be strong and re-claim their voice.  Let’s start affirming each other’s gifts. Encouraging each other’s potential.  Supporting each other’s dreams.

Together we can achieve far more than we can imagine.  Because your soul doesn’t play small.  And neither does the Universe.

You are a partner in the Divine Dance.  So let the dancing begin!

Be bold.  Be daring.  Be AWE-dacious!