Have you ever participated in a crowdfunding campaign?

Many times I’ve received requests through Go Fund Me to support friends and neighbors who are struggling. We’ve raised money to cover funeral costs. Or to pay for medical expenses due to an unexpected illness or tragedy.

I’ve also supported creative projects through Kickstarter and entrepreneurial start-ups through Indiegogo.

And I’ve added my name to signature drives through Change.org.  Not exactly crowdfunding – but the same concept.

It’s all about a lot of people doing a little bit to support a cause –  because together we can do more!

Crowdfunding is a fun way to participate in giving regardless of how much you have to share.

But is it the most effective approach to social impact?

Listen to my latest video blog to find out if crowdfunding fits into your journey to AWE-thentic Impact!

Be AWE-dacious!