“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
-Kahlil Gibran

Why do we give?

Why do we give away our money, our time, our gifts and talents?

Do we give from a place of guilt or obligation? Because we have so much and many have so little.

Do we give from a place of gratitude? In thanks for all of our blessings?

Or do we give just because it feels so good? What is often referred to as the “warm glow” of altruism.

Whatever the reasons, giving is good for us. Studies show that it improves our health by reducing stress and strengthening our immune system.

Giving also makes us happy. In The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Anchor says that “Altruism is one of the greatest buffers against depression. Doing something for someone else raises our levels of hope, joy, and happiness.”

Giving improves our health and makes us happy.

So if this doesn’t convince you to give I don’t know what will!

But it’s not just why we give that matters. It’s what and how we give.

There is no set formula. Your giving is as individual as you are.

It begins and springs from your relationship with God or Source, recognizing your true essence as spirit. Through spiritual practices you meet God and your whole and holy self. You are healed and filled and can then allow the blessing of you to overflow into the lives of others and into the world.

Next, you discover or re-discover your unique gifts and talents. The things you can do better than anyone else on the planet. The ways you express yourself that are like no other because your journey is yours alone.

Finally, you find your purpose in service to humanity asking…What have I been given to share with the world? Where am I needed? How can I help?

Serve with passion and make your life a prayer. – Sr. Joan Chittister

In Imagining Abundance, Kerry Alys Robinson writes, “…both philanthropy and fundraising are done more effectively, with greater purpose, focus, authenticity and effect, when spiritual disciplines and dispositions are part of the effort.”

Spiritual Philanthropy is contemplation and action, yin and yang. It’s a healthy blending of the true self and the ego. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

It’s the “sweet spot” of you as “be-er” and “do-er”. Your inner journey in search of the Divine and your outer journey to care for Creation.

Spiritual Philanthropy is a deeper way of giving. It’s a practice that engages the head, the heart and most importantly, the soul leading us out into the world, out beyond our comfort zone.

Spiritual Philanthropy is a deeper way of giving engaging the head, heart, and soul.

It asks the questions…

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my calling?

Where do I find meaning?

How do I serve?

Then, it stops asking questions and starts doing – often imperfectly – but always with the best of intentions. Leaving the outcomes to God and Grace.

Leave the outcomes to God and Grace.

The Dalai Lama has instructed that if one’s intentions are sound, some good will always come of one’s efforts.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “By detachment I mean that you must not worry whether the desired result follows from your action or not, so long as your motive is pure, your means correct.”

And C.G. Jung said, “If we do the wrong thing with all our heart we will end up at the right place.”

What happens when spirituality meets philanthropy?

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Every form of giving is good when it comes from a place of love. You can’t do this wrong!

But you can do this better. And I’ll teach you how.

Stick with me AWE Community. We’re just getting started!

With you on the journey,


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