Whenever we’re on a journey there are revelations to be had. And this healing journey I’m on is no exception. In fact, I’ve had a big “Aha” moment.

Now I am quite certain that when I share this – many amongst you will say, “Duh!” – particularly those of you who are trained in the healing arts.

But I hope that what I’m about to reveal is new to some and provides an eye-opening perspective that guides you on your own journeys. Here it is….drumroll please…

The Journey to Health and Wholeness is the same as the Journey to Higher Consciousness

Yep! That’s what I’ve finally discovered. The steps I needed to take to return to health and wholeness would also lead to higher consciousness and vice versa.

Let’s dive into this. The path to health and wholeness invites us to focus on four pillars: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The path to higher consciousness or mastery focuses on the same four pillars.


To be healthy we are encouraged to eat right, take supplements, get plenty of rest and restorative sleep, and exercise.

On the spiritual path we are invited to view our Body as Temple and, therefore, treat it with respect and love.

To support these two paths, we might find a practitioner trained in Nutritional Response Testing to ensure that we’re eating foods and taking supplements that are good for our specific body type. We might adopt an Ayurvedic lifestyle or learn more about Chinese medicine. Perhaps we spend more time in nature, get a massage, or begin practicing Yoga or Qigong. All are acts of self-love that enhance our physical health.


We now know that one of the primary causes of dis-ease is trapped emotions. Early in life as we’re attempting to acclimate to life on the planet, we receive messages from just about everyone as to what is acceptable behavior. Which emotions are okay to share openly, and which ones need to be suppressed. And so, wanting to fit in and be loved and accepted, we learn to bury the less accepted emotions of anger, rage, guilt, shame, fear, grief, and more. And it’s the suppression of these emotions that can eventually lead to illness. So to get and stay healthy, we must find a way to identify, process, and release all trapped emotions.

On the path to higher consciousness, this awareness of emotions focuses on the energy around the emotions. It is in our best interest to process and release the lower frequency emotions so that we may enjoy the higher frequency emotions of love, compassion, joy, kindness, peace, abundance, and so forth. Staying in these higher frequencies more often gives us access to the higher realms which supports our ascension process allowing us to transmute fear to love, scarcity to abundance, dis-ease to health and wholeness.

Since many of these suppressed emotions reside in our subconscious, it can be beneficial to seek support from a practitioner who can help us access these trapped emotions. Modalities I have found to be effective are the Emotion Code, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping).


So, we’re doing the physical work and processing emotions, but something keeps holding us back from healing. Something keeps holding us back from achieving our goals. And that something is quite possibly the story we tell ourselves. A story that has been written over a lifetime by other people. What we can and can’t do. What we’re capable of or limited by. What’s acceptable to our family or will get us booted out of the tribe. And we can be so unaware of these stories – these thoughts – these beliefs – that they are powerful enough to sabotage us over and over again. Our monkey mind never lets up.

In the case of our health, we might believe that we can’t possibly heal ourselves. We have to seek out a doctor or other healthcare professional, and even then we might not believe we can heal. That we just have to live with this chronic illness, or pain, or disease passed along to us through our genes that we have no control over.

“The human brain is a powerful pharmacy that responds to the prescriptions written by our thoughts.” – Mark Mincolla, Ph. D.

On the spiritual path, we may think it’s sacrilege to believe we are human and Divine. We could never be that magnificent. Never be that powerful. What would people think? It’s so much safer to live in our old story, our predictable patterns, our limiting beliefs.

Until one day we wake up and decide we just won’t live there anymore. We discover that practicing mindfulness, reciting daily affirmations, catching ourselves in a limiting thought and flipping the switch to one that is more empowering – opens us up to a whole new way of be-ing. One that leads to not only a healthier life but to a richer one as we connect with the field of infinite possibilities and newfound freedom. We become masters of our minds.


Lo and behold, on our path to health and wholeness we have uncovered some truths about ourselves. We have learned that we are not just our body, not just our emotions, not just our thoughts. We are all this and more.

We are energetic beings – Spirit in human form. So, how does our connection to Source or our relationship with our Soul contribute to health or dis-ease?

Many healers believe that separation from Spirit is at the root of all dis-ease. So, our spiritual practices are integral to our healing journey. Time spent in nature, prayer, meditation, journaling, and more, all lead us home to the Source of our Be-ing. Our True Essence – our AWE-thentic Self!

Not only are we meant to be vibrantly healthy – we are meant to be wholly and joyfully who we are. We are meant to express the fullness of our being and share our gifts with the world.

We are meant to be to be Radically Alive and Fully Engaged!

Abundance of Life Force Energy = Vitality

So here’s the thing – I’m not saying this journey is easy. It takes tremendous discipline, devotion, and courage to attain Mastery. But the rewards are countless.

We are the embodiment of our Life Force Energy and when we embrace this Truth we restore Harmony and Balance to our Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul.

Healthy, Whole, and Holy is who you are and why you’re here. It’s your birthright. Claim it!

Be bold. Be Daring. Be AWE-dacious!