We have all experienced occasions when something happens unexpectedly that completely changes the trajectory of our life.  It may be challenging or joyous, but in either case we are invited to learn the lesson that is being offered to enrich our experience of living.

In my own life what stands out is my dad’s death when I was just 18 years old.  What I learned is that we never know how much time we have on the planet, so live every moment fully.

Or when my youngest son was an infant and had recurring ear infections.  This led me to look for alternatives to filling his tiny body with one antibiotic after another or resorting to surgery.  What I discovered was an alternative approach to medicine and the power of diet to alter our health.

When I finally tired of the chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain I had been experiencing for a decade, I explored mind-body medicine and learned the power that healing stuck emotions has on the dis-ease we experience in our body.

But perhaps the most profound has been my experience with energy.  It started about a decade ago as the tiniest – almost imperceptible – vibration in my pelvis region.  I would notice it when I was still.  I couldn’t feel it if I placed my hand on my womb – but I knew it was there deep within.  It didn’t concern me.  I was just curious. This continued for quite some time with the vibrations becoming stronger.  But, still, I simply observed.

Then one night I awoke from my sleep to a vibration in my bed.  I was trying to figure out where it came from.  We had moved into our home not long before, so I thought maybe our bedroom was over the heat or air conditioning system and when it turned on we could feel it in the room.  But as I explored that possibility, I found it was not the case.

I continued to awaken in the night to this vibration and finally discovered that it was coming from my own body.  When I was deep asleep my body was gently vibrating.  When I awoke it stopped.  Now I was really curious.

The vibrating continued for months and escalated to the point that I would awaken to half consciousness and realize that my whole body was vibrating intensely.  I could stay in that place for a bit to experience it, but once I came to full consciousness it would subside.

I had no other symptoms and was not concerned about what was happening.  So rather than alerting my doctor, I turned to my close priest friend and mentor, Fr. Ken.  I asked what he knew about energy and his response was, “Well, as Catholics we wouldn’t touch it.  But I believe it’s the Holy Spirit.”

Yes!  That resonated with me.  The Holy Spirit is an energy.  In my spiritual life I had been discovering this lost piece of the trinity so I was quite intrigued.  Based on what I had been taught, the Holy Spirit did not seem to be on equal footing with God and Jesus.  Or was She?

Building on my interest in holistic approaches to health, I decided to explore energy as it relates to healing.  That’s when I stumbled upon the extraordinary work of Dr. Sue Morter.  I read her book “The Energy Codes” and proceeded to take her classes.

What I learned through her and other experts is that quantum physics is now proving…

Everything is energy.  EVERYTHING!

And when we realize that everything is energy, we realize that science and spirituality are now beginning to speak the same language.  Imagine that!

Here’s where it gets really juicy.  Because we are energy – our thoughts are energy – our beliefs are energy…

We have the ability to direct our energy and thereby create our reality!

We know this instinctively.  We all know people who carry lower energy frequencies.  Think “Debbie Downer”.  They tend to be fearful, anxiety-ridden, sad or depressed, and pessimistic.  And their life reflects that.  They feel they are victims and powerless to do anything about their circumstances.

Conversely, people with high energy frequencies emit an aura of optimism, peace, joy, and abundance.  For them, life is a grand adventure and they a discoverer on the journey.  Things just seem to go their way.  They’re rarely sick (even during a pandemic).  They have lots of friends and plenty of money.  And they experience one synchronicity after another.

In the past, we might have referred to these individuals as lucky or blessed.  As if somehow God had seen fit to give them more than their fair share.

But perhaps there’s something more at play.

  Perhaps our ability to hold ourselves at a higher frequency empowers us to do extraordinary things!

Prevent illness or heal ourselves of dis-ease.  Learn and do things we never thought possible.  Attract abundant wealth. Solve world hunger.  Leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Don’t believe me?  Follow the work of Lynne McTaggert, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza.  They and many other doctors and scientists are proving that we are powerful beyond measure.

That we can not only impact our own lives, but the lives of others through our intentions.  Intention is the starting point of every dream.  Our creative power. Everything that happens in the Universe begins with intention.

​​Our destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions and desires. 
We can intend good things for ourselves, our families and friends, and for the world – and make it happen!
  And couldn’t we use a big dose of that right about now?

And when we combine our intentions with high frequency energy – we’re unstoppable!!

At a time when the world appears to be in complete chaos with no end in sight, I encourage you to consider a new approach to life.  Rather than waiting for the powers that be to tell us what we have to do next to keep ourselves and our families healthy and safe from harm – why not take back your power to create the life you not only deserve, but the one that is your ultimate destiny?

You’re not alone.  We’ll do this together.  Join me!

Be bold.  Be Daring.  Be AWE-DACIOUS!