We’re so fortunate to have a guest post from Kathleen Gawlik, founder Pure Purpose Coaching & Consulting, LLC and also my sister.

I am blessed to have Lis as my big sister. As sisters, we have had the pleasure and pain of sharing our individual journeys from being stuck and living from fear and self-protection to the life-changing and sometimes painful process of emerging from that stuck place to soar as the women that God created us to be.

Don’t get me wrong. We are, of course, still people in process–just ask our kids! But we have learned first-hand the freedom that comes once we begin to shed the weight and restrictions of our wounds, pain, and fear. We’ve also learned how to find True North when we become confused or lose our way. There was for us and is for you, Dear Friend, a beautiful, joy-filled life waiting beyond the pain, sadness, fear, insecurity, people-pleasing…

So, how do you get there?

If you’re anything like us, slowly, painfully, and imperfectly, but my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. The peace, joy, and ultimately the healing were waiting for me all along. In reality it was not as much about a better path as it was about making the choice and accepting God’s offer to take His hand and make the journey together. It is at the same time a simple yet not easy step to take.

For Lis and me, and I think for many, the difficulty comes in letting go of control, expectations, entitlement, resentment, pain, etc. It is deceptively empowering to hang on to these things even when we’re told they are destructive. If we can hold them tightly enough and twist them, ourselves, and those we love into tight enough knots, at some childlike level we think we can keep the hurt and pain out, or buried, or simply at bay even though we learn over and over that pain still comes and that this strategy doesn’t work.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

So, Beautiful Friend, we want you to know that there is Hope–Great Hope for greater peace, joy, and, very simply, LIFE–abundant LIFE. God is waiting with His hand outstretched to you. Depending upon your experience, that may feel comforting or scary, but I assure you He is safe. There is no one safer and no better Guide and Companion for your journey.

Meet with Him as often as you can.

Seek Him like you would a new or potential love.

Talk with Him, listen to Him, and just be with Him.

This is the essence of prayer and meditation, but it’s really as simple as spending time with Him like anyone else you love and value or see the potential to love and value in your life. Soon, you will realize there’s nowhere else you’d rather be and no one else you’d rather spend time with. And things will begin to change, in you and in every area of your life–just watch.

Things will begin to change, in you and in every area of your life.

One change may be that you see God placing special people in your life who are on similar journeys and who can be flesh and blood companions. When this happens, you have received a very special gift–one of the many that you will begin to notice on a daily basis.

Other potential companions on the journey are professionals who are able to walk alongside you to help you get unstuck. When the issues that are keeping you stuck focus primarily on pain from your past, the right counselor can help you determine what you need to do to work through these issues and to allow healing and growth.

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Sometimes, being stuck means that you know where you want to go, but you are struggling to know or take the steps that will lead you there. In this case, the right life coach can be a welcome partner who will help you clarify, plan, and follow through.

Lis and I are praying for you in this process.

We know how difficult and painful it can sometimes be, and we are standing in the direction of the finish line rooting you on. Don’t lose Hope. Believe that something better, infinitely better than you can even imagine is waiting for you, and you don’t have to find it alone–There are companions, and there is Hope.


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Kathleen Gawlik received her BA in English and MA in counseling from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She completed her ICF-approved training as a Christian Coach through Christian Coach Institute and founded Pure Purpose Coaching & Consulting, LLC. She now helps women weather the storms of life and find their value, unique purpose, and peace as Christ’s Beloved. She is a Christian Coach, Counselor, Consultant and Motivational Speaker.