Looking for more than Book Club and Bunco? Me, too!


Welcome to AWE-thentic Impact Circles! A dream of mine that is now becoming a reality. And I’m inviting you to share in the magic.

What you’ll experience in an AWE-thentic Impact Circle is a welcoming home to a place your heart has been calling you to your entire life. A place where you can awaken to your most magnificent self and begin living in the sacred, effortless flow of your soul’s guidance.

And you won’t be alone on the journey. You’ll be joining a sisterhood to support and encourage you in finding the perfect balance between giving and receiving.

Together, we’ll awaken the Shakti – the Sacred Feminine Creative Force that has been quietly building strength and is now ready to emerge as the Fierce Feminine Wildness you feel within.

We’ll restore the Sacred Feminine, which has been dormant and suppressed, to her rightful place in the world exuding the AWE-thentic power, wisdom, intuition, compassion, and unconditional love our planet is thirsting for.

And we’ll ground ourselves by re-connecting to Mother Earth, anchoring our roots deep into the strength of Gaia.

As we raise our vibration, we raise the vibration and collective consciousness of all those we connect with to achieve our higher purpose and greater good. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world!



But it’s not just about the inner work. AWE-thentic Impact Circles merge our contemplative practice with inspired action because to effect real and lasting change at scale we need more than a big heart and good intentions.

Think of Impact Circles as giving circles on steroids. We go deep. Deep into your soul, deep into our social challenges, and deep into the solutions that will finally lead to a better world for all.

Social impact work can be rewarding and exhilarating. Or it can be exhausting and frustrating. What makes the difference? Whether you do it alone or in community with other heart-centered, passion-driven, badass women.

But finding a group of women who care as deeply as you do and desire to find and support solutions isn’t always easy. Until now!



Here’s just some of what you’ll discover about making
your AWE-thentic Impact…

♀️ Feminine Leadership Skills:

What do you have to share?
Where are you meant to serve?
What does the social impact community want you to know?


What’s the social challenge you want to address?
Why does it matter?
How can you align your personal or business mission with the Sustainable Development Goals?

Collective Impact:

What’s working to address this social issue?
Where are solutions being implemented?
Who is doing it effectively?
How can you partner with or support these organizations?

Systems Change at Scale:

How do we implement “Big Bets” to effect lasting change?
What is capacity building?
How critical is advocacy?

Give/Shop/Invest to Change the World:

What is high impact philanthropy?
How can you support social enterprises?
Why is impact investing important?



There’s no more time for wondering what you can do to stop the madness or sitting on the sidelines hoping things will get better. The world is waiting for you to step up and into your AWE-thentic Power to make the impact you came here to make. What are you waiting for?

It’s Our Time!

Our mission at AWE Partners is to educate and guide as many women as possible to own their magnificence and share their light in the world by making their AWE-thentic Impact. We need you out there! This means right now you can join an AWE-thentic Impact Circle AND gain access to our on-line course, Impact from the Inside Out, for just $497.00!

Count Me In!!!


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Can’t wait for you to join the AWE Partners Community
so we can co-create the better world we dream of!



Elisabeth A. Williams is the Founder and CEO of AWE Partners, LLC, a boutique social impact advisory firm that educates women on how to give, shop, and invest for impact from a place of authenticity.  Lis holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.


Lis Williams, AWE Partners