For women who seek to experience the deeper meaning of giving…

and receiving

What are you waiting for?

I know the Social Impact space is overwhelming and the thought of jumping in can feel intimidating, but you don’t have to go it alone. We’re in this together and I would love to guide you through the process.

We need you out there! We need your gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, energy, and passion.

  • Searching for meaning and purpose?
  • Ready to follow your calling?
  • Thinking about volunteering?
  • Want to share your skills and talents in a meaningful way?
  • Considering joining a board?
  • Need help creating your Portfolio of Giving?
  • Not sure which issues or causes to support?
  • Wondering how to identify organizations having the greatest impact?
  • Confused with the information provided by rating agencies?
  • Contemplating impact investing?
  • Looking for a trusted financial advisor?

I can help! And I would be honored to partner with you at this stage of your journey.




“Lis connects how stepping into our own authentic personal power is directly related to transforming the world.  However, she goes much further into how to give of our time, talent, and treasure.  She sheds light on the many nuanced considerations of effective altruism and empowers women with specific tools to evaluate the best ways to give back.”

Lauri McKean
Creator of The Yin Powered Entrepreneur


“Lis is the perfect balance of heart and mind, spirit and business, right brain and left brain. She is a good listener and can quickly assess needs and strategically navigate a way forward. These gifts allow Lis to see the big picture and to narrow in on what’s essential, be it for an individual or a business. Her passions and gifts have melded in her vision for women’s empowerment and social impact.”

Bridget Sperduto
The Well Spirituality Center


“Just a half hour chat with Lis shifted me from feeling uncertain, frustrated and helpless to give meaningfully, to seeing that I am already making a valuable contribution with my time and energy, that monetary gifts can come later, and there are all sorts of other ways I can be making meaning with my time. What an empowering reframe!  I’m moving forward with a much better feeling about myself, greater clarity and a big smile 🙂 Brilliant!”

Jan Haley Brightwood
Creator of Synergy


“Participating in the AWE-sum Mini-course + Mastermind helped me move forward in my thinking about impact giving as a mindset.  I have always participated in charitable giving, and I have served on boards.  What I learned is that my own unique interests, gifts, and talents can anchor my decisions.  There are so many good causes, and my heartstrings can leave me feeling scattered about what should be a “yes” and when it is perfectly acceptable to say “no”.  My “yes” feels authentic when it is aligned with my own core.  Working with Lis ignited my imagination and helped me identify some touchstones so I can make an impact with all my gifts.” 

Mary Dorsey
Theologian and Philanthropist