Invest - Shop - Give to Change the World

Join us for this engaging 4-Part Webinar Series where you'll learn how to:

Create a lasting, meaningful impact in the world around you! Maximize your time and leverage your resources to give effectively AND enjoy a deeper sense of fulfillment in your life.

philanthropy training

Small Steps to BIG Impact: Our AWE-Inspiring approach for inner and outer transformation will empower you to answer your unique calling, while saving time, money, and your sanity.

IMAGINE… You can become the philanthropreneur you’ve always envisioned and drive funding to the most impactful organizations committed to solving our most challenging social issues. YOU are part of the change our world needs!

The Trinity of Good Living & Good Giving

Use Your Head: Learn how simple, everyday choices can lead to real social change

Listen to Your Heart: Discover the most authentic way to live out your mission

Trust Your Gut: Confidently take the small steps that create an impactful legacy

Join Us For an Engaging
4-Part Webinar Series:
Invest - Shop - Give to Change the World

What if I told you I had the magic bullet to help you…

I do...and it starts with:
AWE-thentic Impact

AWE-thentic Impact is your key to a life of meaning and fulfillment.

The investment is minimal – the outcomes are priceless!

In this 4-Part Webinar Series, you will Learn:

Invest in women's empowerment | socially cautious investing


How to make your money work as hard as you do for the things you care about!


How to identify companies and products with socially conscious cultures to spend your money

Give to grow your business | socially conscious business


How to position your social impact as a business owner and incorporate a giving strategy that matches your mission.

AWE-thentic Impact

Become the change-maker you've always dreamed of being in my on-line course entitled Impact from the Inside Out.

AWE Partners will make it easy for you to bake mission into your life and business for more passion, purpose, and profit!

Get excited...because you're about to begin a life-changing journey!

About the Presenter, Lis Williams

Elisabeth (Lis) Williams is passionate about educating women on allocating their philanthropic dollars and investments for maximum impact. She encourages women to discover meaning through sharing their gifts and talents in service to the world, a practice she calls “AWE-thentic Impact.

Elisabeth Williams